Airstream Uncovered: Documentary Reveals How These Iconic Trailers Redefined Travel

Airstream Art

The Airstream story has been captured in a new, full-length documentary. Key Takeaways: ALUMINATION, a new documentary streaming on Vimeo, traces the story of the iconic Airstream travel trailers. The film draws from Airstream’s rich history and captures the spirit of exploration that the brand embodies. ALUMINATION is not just for Airstream enthusiasts but for … Read more

Skyrocketing Costs: The Grinch That Could Steal Your Christmas Vacation

The Grinch Stealing Christmas

This holiday season, there’s a palpable tension in the air. Data from different surveys suggests a complex picture of American spending plans. A new survey by ScoreSense suggests that 24% of Americans plan to spend less on travel, while 25% are considering cancelling their holiday trips due to economic concerns. On the other hand, AAA’s Thanksgiving … Read more

Boomers Lead the Pack: Spending 3x More on Sporting Event Tickets than Other Generations

Boomers Spend More On Experiences

Key Takeaways: Boomers spent on average 3x more on sporting event tickets than other generations. Despite the increase in ticket prices, enthusiasm for attending live events is surging. Concert-goers are willing to spend up to $843 on average for floor seats to their favorite artist. As Visa reports, Boomers account for more than half of all U.S. … Read more

Adventures in Green Travel: 2024 Set to be the Year of the Electric RV

Futuristic Electric RV

Key Takeaways: RVshare’s 2024 Travel Trend Report reveals growing interest in electric RVs among travelers. RVshare has partnered with Grounded to offer electric RVs on their platform by mid-2024. Major RV manufacturers, like Winnebago, are also venturing into the electric RV space, supplementing RVshare’s efforts. As the calendar flips towards 2024, an exciting trend is … Read more

No More Carefree Vacations? Skyrocketing Prices Change American Travel Habits

Worried about money old man

Americans are no strangers to the joy of travel, but new economic factors are leading many to rethink their plans. According to TripAdvisor’s recent Winter Travel Index, 34% of U.S. travelers are modifying their winter travel plans due to economical considerations. However, this has not stifled the passion for exploration, with resilience shining through as Americans … Read more

Experience Luxury for Less: Unveiling Expedia’s Top 10 ‘Destination Dupes’ for 2024

Couple walking in historic city

Key Takeaways: Expedia’s Unpack ’24 report features the top 10 ‘Destination Dupes’ for 2024 – spots that are cheaper yet equally delightful alternatives to well-known travel destinations. While these ‘dupe’ destinations, such as Taipei for Seoul, offer unique experiences at a lower cost, potential pitfalls such as higher transportation costs should also be considered. The … Read more

Holiday Airport Chaos: TSA Braces for a Record-Breaking 30 Million Passengers

TSA Wait Time

As we approach the holiday season, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) gears up for an unprecedented surge in passenger traffic, predicting record-breaking numbers this Thanksgiving. Key Takeaways: TSA projects to screen 30 million passengers during the Thanksgiving travel period. The single busiest day could see as many as 2.9 million passengers. TSA has implemented advanced … Read more

MLB’s Next Stop After Rickwood: Top 11 Historic Ballparks for the Field of Dreams Game

Depositphotos 224108496 XL scaled

The Field of Dreams game will be back in 2024, but it won’t take place at its namesake field. Instead, the oldest professional ballpark in the United States, Rickwood Field, will host the 2024 Field of Dreams game between the Giants and the Cardinals. The former Negro League stadium will serve as a temporary stand-in … Read more