Our Secret Escapes: Why We’re Hooked on Beaches in Georgia

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From the sun-drenched shores of Tybee Island to the historical echoes of Cumberland Island’s wild horses, the many popular beaches in Georgia offer something for every traveler. Whether you’re searching for a peaceful sunrise at the secluded Glory Beach or the family-friendly vibes of Mid Beach, Georgia’s coast is brimming with water adventures. Join us as we reveal the secret escapes and share why we can’t get enough of these sandy sanctuaries.

St Andrews Beach


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St. Andrew Beach is not just one of the best swimming spots in Georgia; it’s a sanctuary for nature lovers and active beachgoers alike. Its untouched landscape allows for an immersive experience in the coastal wilderness, inviting close encounters with marine life such as friendly dolphin pods. The beach’s accessibility is commendable, offering everyone the chance to collect shells and enjoy the sea’s rhythmic sounds on a beach that caters to all.

South Beach

Beaches in Georgia
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South Beach’s proximity to Savannah and its welcoming, shallow waters make it one of the best swimming spots in Georgia for a spontaneous beach day. The ease of parking and the simplicity of paying the two-dollar hourly fee leave more time to enjoy the beach’s modest amenities, from food outlets to bathrooms. While not the most commercialized, South Beach’s unpretentious charm lies in its accessibility and the family-friendly environment it provides.

Wassaw Island


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Wassaw Island, a jewel among the popular beaches in Georgia, invites nature enthusiasts to an unspoiled sanctuary within the National Wildlife Refuge. Cyclists can navigate the island’s shaded dune trails, while anglers might prefer the anticipation of a fresh catch suitable for an evening campfire feast, all within the parameters of responsible hunting and camping practices.

Driftwood Beach

Best swimming spots in Georgia
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On the northern stretch of Jekyll Island, Driftwood Beach stands out as an otherworldly landscape among the best swimming spots in Georgia, marked by the dramatic silhouettes of weather-beaten trees. Its unique charm provides a photogenic canvas for visitors and serves as a favored destination for couples exchanging vows. A day spent here is easily complemented by the nearby Clam Creek amenities, making it both a visual marvel and a convenient choice for beachgoers.

North Beach


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Georgia beaches have a unique charm, and North Beach on Tybee Island is no exception. Here, retail therapy at Seaside Sisters is just a prelude to the day’s adventures, which could include a serene kayak journey with Sea Kayak Georgia. As the day ebbs, the eclectic charm of staying at a celebrity’s beach cottage, like Paula Deen’s Y’all Come Inn, adds a touch of stardom to the coastal experience.

Mid Beach

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Situated between the serenity of North Beach and the liveliness of South Beach, Mid Beach on Tybee Island is a harmonious retreat among popular beaches in Georgia, offering the quintessential family-friendly atmosphere. This clean and well-kept expanse of sand and surf is a stone’s throw away from Highway 80, ensuring easy access to cozy beachfront lodging and local flavors. With lifeguards present and the water warm and inviting, families and those seeking a quieter seaside experience can unwind, play, and bask in the coastal ease.

Great Dunes Beach Park


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At the terminus of Ben Fortson Parkway, Great Dunes Beach Park offers a tranquil staging area for adventures on Jekyll Island’s welcoming stretch of Georgia beaches. Visitors can cycle the island’s extensive trail system, starting conveniently across from the park, or indulge in the simple pleasure of a beachfront picnic. The park’s role in marine conservation, illustrated by sea turtle releases, along with its vibrant annual events, infuses each visit with potential for new stories and discoveries.

East Beach

Georgia Beaches
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St. Simons Island’s East Beach presents a variety of beachfront experiences, solidifying its status as one of the best swimming spots in Georgia. At the bustling U.S. Coast Guard Station area, families and history enthusiasts can merge a beach day with a visit to the adjacent WWII museum. Alternatively, Massengale Park provides a more intimate setting for sunbathers and swimmers, with its less crowded access point. The tidal sands near Pier Village beckon cyclists and anglers alike, making East Beach a multifaceted destination for all types of beachgoers.

Nanny Goat Beach


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Sapelo Island’s Nanny Goat Beach, set against a backdrop of Georgia’s most untouched dune landscapes, is a tranquil retreat away from the mainland hustle. As you step off the ferry, prepare for an intimate encounter with nature on one of the cleanest Georgia beaches, where the soft, white sands invite leisurely beachcombing and the oceanfront pavilion stands ready for family picnics. The shallow coastal waters provide safe swimming conditions, while the area’s rich avian life offers endless entertainment for avid birdwatchers.

Back River Beach

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Back River Beach, nestled quietly at the end of Highway 80, is Tybee Island’s less frequented treasure among popular beaches in Georgia. This secluded spot beckons with its stunning sunsets and tranquil waters, providing an idyllic backdrop for dolphin watching or simply soaking in the coastal calm. For the adventurous at heart, nearby Lazaretto Creek Marina serves as the springboard for inshore fishing trips and kayak excursions, offering a serene yet engaging encounter with Tybee Island’s natural allure.

Cumberland Island National Seashore


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Accessible only by boat, Cumberland Island National Seashore is a historic haven and one of the best swimming spots in Georgia, featuring 17 miles of unspoiled beaches. Delve into the history at the ruins of the Dungeness Mansion and the stately Plum Orchard Mansion, or seek out the First African Baptist Church for a poignant glimpse into the island’s soul. The wild horses roaming free add a touch of wild mystique to your visit, which can be enriched with the comprehensive Lands and Legacies Tour, a deep dive into the island’s heritage.

Robin Lake Beach

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Image Credit: Tobia Sola on Unsplash.

Step onto the expansive shores of Robin Lake Beach, where history and recreation converge to create a stand-out destination among the Georgia beaches. The beach’s legacy, built around the international acclaim of the Masters Water Ski Tournament, today offers an Aqua Island adventure alongside classic beach activities. From the shade of a luxurious cabana or the stadium-style pavilion, the beach transforms into a stage for both world-class sporting events and personal relaxation, encapsulating the essence of a stress-free summer day.

Glory Beach


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Escape to the serene Glory Beach on Jekyll Island, a secluded sanctuary accessible via a charming wooden boardwalk with ties to the Civil War film “Glory.” As a gem among Georgia beaches, it offers a peaceful retreat for those looking to unwind in a picturesque setting, removed from the island’s livelier locales. With minimal facilities, this beach encourages a true communion with nature, inviting a summer afternoon spent basking in the coastal calm and the echoes of history.

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