Discover the 6 Best Lakes in Glacier National Park

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Situated in the stunning Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park spans over 1,500 square miles of land and hosts some of the nation’s most diverse wildlife.

Along with grizzly bears and mountain goats, you can witness the most majestic natural beauty. The park is well-known for having 26 glaciers, 700 miles of hiking trails, and gleaming natural lakes, rivers, and streams.

Follow along to find the best lakes that Glacier National Park offers. Find these lakes along your hikes and adventures in these vast mountain ranges.

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake Glacier National Park
Image Credit: Canva.

Avalanche Lake Trail is one of the most popular hikes in the park. Follow the trail after finding Lake McDonald through the Trail of the Cedars to find the massive Avalanche Gorge. 

The trails climb through a dense forest where you’re more than likely to see some unique wildlife. Backpackers often take this hiking trail as part of a multi-day hike through the park. However, if you’re only there for the day, the hike will only take about 2-3 hours round trip to view this fantastic lake. 

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake Glacier National Park
Image Credit: Canva.

Hidden Lake should be taken by something other than hiking or trail riding amateurs; this lake will take some serious skill to reach.

The alpine lake is surrounded by stunning wildflower meadows and thick woods that often attract giant grizzly bears. The panoramic view is the perfect place to get a comprehensive view of the park. The view from the lake is definitely worth the climb.

St. Mary Lake

St. Mary Lake Glacier National Park
Image Credit: Canva.

This stunning destination is the second largest lake in Glacier National Park, next to Lake McDonald. It was created many eons ago by glaciers carving through the mountain range.

The lake itself isn’t the only attraction in this small area. You can also see stunning waterfalls, overlooks, and a massive gorge. Look out for mule deer, elk, and black bears in this region; it’s their home first, so it’s only fair to let the animals have their space.

Redrock Lake

Redrock Lake Glacier National Park
Image Credit: Canva.

Redrock Lake is a smaller pond in a series of larger lakes and is popular with families as it’s an easier hike. The picturesque shores are easily accessible for many different types of groups and should definitely be seen by everyone visiting the park.

A large trail goes past Redrock Lake and goes deeper into the woods. Moose are extremely common in this area, so you’ll need to be careful when hiking and sure to keep additional space, as moose can charge at humans if they feel threatened.

Swiftcurrent Lake

Swiftcurrent Lake Glacier National Park 1
Image Credit: Canva.

This small lake is fed by a creek and by glacier meltwater that comes from the famous Grinnell Glacier. The Glacier Hotel actually sits alongside this picturesque destination. 

When staying at the hotel, you’ll be able to view the wide expanse of mountains, lakes, glaciers, and wildlife right from your window. Thanks to the hotel, you can also rent a kayak, boat, or canoe to explore the lake. 

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald Glacier National Park
Image Credit: Canva.

Sitting 10 miles long and 500 feet deep, Lake McDonald is the biggest lake in Glacier National Park. Although it’s busy with tourist activity, it’s a stunning destination that everyone should visit.

The bright, pebbly beach is a beautiful outdoor area to rest and relax in between hiking. A historic lodge sits on one side of the lake, built in 1913, and offers a look into the park’s history.

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