Ever Heard of Biohacking? Watch How These Van Lifers Use It

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Biohacking might seem like a complicated concept, but really, it’s pretty straightforward. It refers to enhancing your biology by using food, technology, supplements, and various lifestyle factors.

It’s usually done through a do-it-yourself (DIY) format; parts of it are backed up by science, such as not consuming alcohol to keep your mind bright and your body in great shape.

A couple of Instagram influencers, Tom and Amy (@vanmonkeys), share their tips for biohacking their lifestyle to stay as healthy as possible while living the #vanlife.


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Tom and Amy share their best hacks for living a healthy lifestyle while living in a converted van on the road. While living in a small space with limited resources, they are prioritizing their health, and sometimes that comes with intentional choices, or what they call “hacks.”

The first big tip that they share is to eat fresh food. Biohackers often emphasize the importance of eating unprocessed foods like meat, fruit, and veggies while omitting carb-heavy processed foods like snacks and pasta.

Amy and Tom @vanmonkeys
Image Credit: Amy and Tom (@vanmonkeys)

The influencers also discuss the importance of limiting exposure to electronics. They recommend turning your wifi off at night and keeping all electronics away from you whenever possible.
Many experts state that prolonged blue light exposure from electronics can worsen eye health and interrupt your sleeping patterns.

Consider trying this hack at home, keep your phone far away from you at night, and turn your wifi off to stop the constant flow of radio waves. See how you feel after a few nights to see if this bio-hack can help improve your life.

Amy and Tom @vanmonkeys 1
Image Credit: Amy and Tom (@vanmonkeys).

The best news about biohacking is that many ways to experience the benefits are completely free and can be done at home.

The couple emphasizes the importance of grounding (feeling connected to nature), going for lots of walks, prioritizing fresh air, and hugging a loved one for 30 seconds to improve happy hormones like serotonin and boost your overall mood.

Most importantly, these aspects must be implemented consistently when considering biohacking to improve your life. Even if you’re not living in nature in a small van or traveling constantly, these health tips can still be implemented to boost your overall health and well-being.

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