Live Out Your Barbie Fantasy at the Trixie Motel

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When fans found out that a real-life Barbie dream house was set up in Malibu, they flocked to Airbnb to try and snag a booking. However, many people quickly found out that spots were so limited that actually getting a chance to stay in Barbie’s dream house might never come true.

A drag queen named Trixie Mattel (inspired by the Mattel brand that created Barbie) designed and opened her own motel in Palm Springs where you can relax by the pool and live out your dollhouse fantasy.


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Palm Springs is well known for being LGBTQ+ friendly, so Trixie Mattel knew this was the perfect place to create her fantasy hotel. 

Trixie describes her drag as being inspired by Barbie and Dolly Parton, and the Trixie Motel does a fantastic job of incorporating gorgeous pink decorations with a twist of Dollywood glamour. 

The motel hosts several themed rooms, including the YeeHaw Cowgirl and Malibu Barbara rooms.   

YeeHaw Cowgirl Room
Image Credit: Trixie Motel (@trixiemotel).

 The motel is set against the stunning mountains and palm trees in Palm Springs. When visiting, you can enjoy the standard amenities with a bright pink twist.

Sit by the pool decked out in flamingoes and pink heart floaties while enjoying a signature cocktail from the Barbara Bar.

Trixie Pool
Image Credit: Trixie Motel (@trixiemotel).

Thanks to Trixie’s celebrity and status as one of Ru Paul’s winning queens, you’ll be sure to bump into several Drag Race alums or one of Trixie’s famous pals while laying out by the pool and enjoying the desert scenery.

They also host several drag shows throughout the year, so this lovely motel is the perfect place to stay to see live drag shows.

Flower Power Room
Image Credit: Trixie Motel (@trixiemotel).

Consider stopping here while traveling through sunny Southern California to live out your pink Barbie fantasy in style. 

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