10 Things You MUST Avoid: Never Do These Things on a Cruise

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If you’re new to the cruise scene, it’s important to know there are plenty of unspoken rules that need to be followed. We’ve got you covered though! After reading this article you’ll be ready to hop aboard and settle into life at sea like a pro. From overindulging to using the wrong power cords you should never do these things on a cruise.

Don’t Overpack

Woman forcing overpacked suitcase down
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Sure, it’s great to be prepared, but overpacking is never a good idea on a cruise. Unless you’re a big spender, your cabin is likely to be quite small. Now, throw in a huge suitcase worth of clothing and the room will quickly feel like a messy closet.

Before packing, check the weather and think about what kind of activities you hope to take part in. Many cruises have formal nights, themed parties, and plenty of excursions – so it’s worth doing a bit of research to know what you’ll need. 

Never Hog the Deck Chairs

Deck chairs on a cruise - never do these things on a cruise
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Want to annoy everyone on a cruise real quick? Well, simply hog the poolside lounge chairs and you’ll soon be enemy number one. Don’t be the person who throws their towel on a chair before disappearing for hours. If you want to secure a deck chair, you really should be using it at all times!

Don’t Book a Room Near the Elevator

Elevator buttons
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Unless you’re booking last minute, make sure to avoid a room that is next to an elevator. Not only are elevators mechanically noisy, but they also bring with them loud crowds – especially in the evenings after a few drinks. Elevators also act as defacto meeting places on cruises, so expect a lot of chitter chatter throughout the day.

Never Leave Your Cell Data Plan on

Cell phone
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Don’t fall for the trap and think you’re safe using your data when on a cruise ship. Even if you have a contract that allows affordable daily rates for roaming abroad – cruises are different as you’re rarely in one region for long.

If you want to use your phone for social media, messaging, or browsing the internet, your best bet is to purchase a Wi-Fi package as soon as you get on board. Some ports will have free Wi-Fi areas (think cafes) which for some can be enough for a check-in. Typically internet packages onboard cruises cost a minimum of $100 for seven days.

Don’t Overindulge All the Time

Dessert buffet
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If there’s ever a time to treat yourself, it’s on a cruise. But you’ll want to pace yourself. A constant offering of food and drink is always tempting but too much can ruin your vacation.

Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. If you completely deviate from your normal diet, you’ll end up sick and feeling very lethargic. Instead, maybe go for one indulgent meal a day to start off. Also, when it comes to the booze, go easy. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of everyone (you could be stuck with them for weeks) and hangovers at sea are no joke!

Never Be Rude to Your Stateroom Attendant

Cruise stateroom attendant
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When you arrive at your stateroom, you’ll be introduced to your stateroom attendant, the person responsible for cleaning your room during your trip. Expect fresh towels, your bed being made, and clean trash cans all thanks to your stateroom attendant.

Their mission is to make your cruise as comfortable as possible, so don’t be rude to them. Think about it, if you were in their shoes would you go above and beyond for the guest who was respectful and kind or rude and impatient?

Don’t Play Loud Music

Portable speaker
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A simple tip is to leave your portable speaker at home. On cruise ships, it’s considered rude to even play music out on the pool deck. This extends to your room, too. You have no idea if the passengers nearby wake up late in the morning or go to bed early. By all means enjoy some music on your vacation, just put in some headphones!

Never Use Power Cords With Surge Protectors

Power chord
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Although it’s tempting to pack a power cord so you have more outlets to charge your gadgets, never do this. Many cruise ships, with the exception of newer models, will struggle to handle the surge protector from overloading the circuit. This can result in fires and therefore it’s strongly advised to just use one power outlet at a time.

Don’t Throw Anything Off Your Balcony

Cruise balcony
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It’s crazy that this point even has to be made, but there are plenty of viral videos of passengers throwing items off their balconies. Depending on where your balcony is located, a projectile could easily fall into someone else’s room and injure them. Cruise lines are also committed to protecting the marine environments they operate in and purposely dumping items overboard goes against this.

Never Walk Around Naked on Your Balcony

Cruise balconies
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Even if your balcony is dubbed ‘private’, chances are you’re not completely hidden. Thanks to their clever designs, cabin balconies on cruise ships can be visible from the deck above or from curved halls and windows. Even if you don’t mind a peeping tom watching you, many cruises are family-friendly so make sure to cover up!

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