Here’s How the New European Visas Will Affect You in 2024

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Currently, most Western countries do not require visas to travel to most European countries. This means that when planning short vacations or passing through on a whim, it can be done by anyone with an up-to-date passport.

However, 30 European countries have recently announced a new visa application will need to be correctly filed and processed if any U.S. vacationers plan on visiting.


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Although the ETIAS application only costs an extra $8, many people say that paying up front when backpacking or traveling across Europe can really add up. 

Most popular tourist destinations will be included in this new application process, which is separate to a student or work Visa. 

Countries will include Croatia, Denmark, Malta, Italy, France, Spain, and many more. 

Amalfi Coast Italy
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Anyone planning on visiting Europe from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the UK, as well as other Western countries, will need to plan ahead and apply to the ETIAS application. If you do not complete the correct paperwork, you will be turned away at the border from these countries, with no exceptions. 

The good news is that once an application is applied for and approved, the authorization lasts for three years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. 

So for those looking to visit a few regular countries each year, this application does not need to be redone constantly. 

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This new rule has ruffled some feathers with tourists from the UK. Before Brexit, owning property anywhere in Europe was legal, and traveling to those countries didn’t require anything more than a valid passport.

But after Brexit, many UK travelers are finding it impossible to access their previously purchased vacation homes. The ETIAS application will certainly be an additional hurdle for many travelers, especially those who wish to enter Europe and then move around when and where they wish.

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