Romantic Retreats: The Best U.S. Getaways for Couples

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You know what they say: couples that travel together stay together. And couples that travel to one of America’s best romantic getaways stay together even longer. 

OK, so maybe that’s a paraphrase. But the U.S. Travel Association did reveal that, per a 2012 Random Digit Dialing (RDD) survey, traveling together is beneficial for couples. The conclusion was that couples that travel together have high relationship satisfaction and deepened intimacy levels. Perks like that are too good to pass up. 

It’s time for you and your partner to reap the benefits of hitting the road together. So, plan your trip from step one: checking out nine of the best couples’ travel destinations, according to Reddit users. 

Napa, California

Napa California 1
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You and your honey will find a good time in Napa, whether celebrating an anniversary or vacationing just because — especially if sipping wine is one of your favorite things to do together. Tour a few of the area’s top wineries, have an afternoon couples massage at a spa, and go sightseeing in a nearby town — Calistoga or Yountville, perhaps. 

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg Tennesse
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Gatlinburg may not be the first to come to mind when brainstorming romantic getaway destinations, but don’t count the town out! It’s one of Tennessee’s top vacation spots and is the perfect setting for outdoorsy lovebirds to escape to. Together, you can experience the beauty of the great outdoors with a hike on one of the area’s trails, stop by a nearby winery or distillery, or get an up-close-and-personal glimpse of the Smokies as you stroll hand-in-hand across the Gatlinburg Sky Bridge. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina
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Some couples might describe their romantic Charleston getaway as straight from a movie. Considering that’s where they filmed The Notebook, that characterization isn’t too far off. One Reddit user recalls their trip to the South Carolina city with their partner, listing a “private horse-drawn carriage ride, historic hotel, amazing food, and beaches” as part of its charms. Add a stroll down Rainbow Row and a sail on the Schooner Pride, and you’ve got a getaway you and your love won’t soon forget. 

Camp Denali (Kantishna, Alaska)

Camp Denali
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The family-owned Camp Denali, a wilderness lodge in Alaska’s Denali National Park, isn’t the place to go if you and yours hope to kick back and do nothing. However, if the two of you crave adventure and are dying to spend some quality time in nature together, The Last Frontier is a beautiful setting to check out.

Explore Denali on a guided hike or at your leisure on an independent excursion. Then, cap the evening off by getting cozy in front of a wood-burning fire. This vacation spot offers a challenge, a Reddit poster warns, but another chimes in with encouragement to go for it anyway, “Couples’ challenges are underrated. Focusing your mind on something besides daily life can be incredibly refreshing.”

Zion National Park (Springdale, Utah)

Zion National Park
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One Reddit user gushed over Zion National Park, writing, “This is one of our favorite places on the planet! So much so, we’re thinking about retiring there one day!! We fell in LOVE with Zion Mountain Ranch and it’s usually my recommendation to other couples!” So, take her advice, grab your partner, and head to Utah for a romantic mountain retreat. Celebrate a successful hike up Angel’s Landing together and spend some time at the top, taking in the view hand-in-hand — it’s an experience neither of you will forget.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Louisiana
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It’s easy to have fun in the Big Easy. Take your pick of activities, including a gondola ride in City Park, gorgeous views and easy listening while sailing aboard Steamboat Natchez, getting a couple’s fortune reading, and enjoying beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe du Monde. New Orleans is known for its joyful party culture, but even pairs that don’t love going out and getting wild will have plenty to do here. The city’s culture and history are rich, offering no shortage of museums, art galleries, and performing arts concerts for visitors to enjoy.

San Juan Islands, Washington 

San Juan Islands
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Surprising your significant other with a weekend getaway to the San Juan Islands is a surefire way to earn some brownie points and give yourself a refreshing break from everyday life. The Islands are quiet and mellow, a perfect environment for reconnecting with the person you love most over cocktails at a resort restaurant, a long walk on the beach, or a sunset visit to the lighthouse at Lime Kiln Point State Park.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island
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One Reddit user listed their Mackinac Island couples trip high points, and we have to say, the list seems pretty comprehensive. “Rent bikes to cycle around the island, Chill on an Adirondack chair, take in the views and peace of the Great Lakes, Mackinac bridge, Mackinac lighthouse, and fudge of course,” they wrote before adding, “It will slow you down and it’s a great romantic environment to get close to your spouse.” We’d also add a horse-drawn carriage tour and a fancy date at the Grand Hotel.

Portland, Maine

Portland Maine
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Maine came up on Reddit posts about the best getaways for couples frequently, probably because of the East Coast state’s breathtaking views. Catch a glimpse of the ones in Portland on a guided tour of the area and breathe in that refreshing coastal air while whitewater rafting or fishing. Don’t forget to stop by a few of Portland’s landmarks and historical sites, like the Portland Observatory Museum and Old Port.

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