This Couple Shows the Cost of Flying their Dogs to Europe

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If you’ve ever seen someone online traveling the world with young kids or even pets and thought to yourself, “that seems expensive,” you’re not alone!

Melanie Demi (@herboozytails on Instagram), a content creator from Austin, TX, shows the actual cost of flying to Europe with her three dogs, a great dane, a golden retriever, and a dachshund, and of course, her husband.

Many people in her comments section were quick to question the price of flying two large dogs on a private flight to France. But Melanie quickly shut them down by providing a full breakdown of the cost and the benefit.

Check Out Her Flight From New York to Paris



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When Melanie and her husband decided that their three dogs should travel to Europe with them, they knew immediately that the biggest hurdle would be flying their great dane and golden retriever across the world.

To transport their dogs safely, the couple chartered a private jet that welcomes pets. However, the flight itself cost well over $100,000. But to reduce the cost of the flight, Melanie found eight other people with nine dogs to split the massive cost.

Melanie sent her husband, Albert, and their small dachshund on a commercial flight and met up with them in Paris to save even more.

Melanie’s Great Dane in Paris

Melanie Demis Dog in Paris 1
Image Credit: Melanie Demi @herboozytails

Melanie told SWNS, “Getting the dogs from the U.S. to Europe took so much planning, but we couldn’t leave them at home — we want to see the world with them.” The dogs seem to be living their best life traveling around Paris, Prague, and Vienna.

While many people on social media might keep their travel costs a secret, Melanie is helping other people travel with their pets, thanks to her honesty and transparency.

Many of the comments on her posts seem to criticize the amount of money she spent to get her dogs across the Atlantic Ocean. But to many dog owners, knowing your pets are safe while traveling is priceless.

The couple plans to stay at a series of pet-friendly Airbnbs while traveling Europe for the year. They’ve been saving for over two years and have sold almost everything they own back in the U.S. to bring their furry friends on a once in a lifetime adventure. 

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