What to Do if Your Travel Plans Are Cancelled Due to Strikes

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It’s no secret that the last three years of travel have been difficult for everyone. From cancellations due to the Covid-19 outbreak to natural disasters and airline strikes, a problematic journey seems much more common now.

Recently, Italy faced several strikes in their airports, and hundreds of flights have been canceled, with more to come. Many travelers are left stuck with no way of getting home.

The unpredictable nature of travel almost seems normal now, and you should plan ahead for several different types of disruptions. Follow our tips and tricks for making your journey smoother regardless of travel disasters.

Stay Calm

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Hearing that a flight, train, or bus ride is canceled due to a strike or protest can be incredibly frustrating.

While most people understand weather-related delays, strikes and protests can be difficult to understand.

The first thing to remember is that a strike happens when people are not treated fairly by their employers, and striking is a way to disrupt a business and leverage their skills.

It’s essential to think about the workers who usually make your travel plans go smoothly. They don’t necessarily want to inconvenience you personally, but they’re trying to show their bosses and company owners that businesses cannot run correctly without them.

Bring Extra Cash

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While it might seem obvious that you might need to buy a meal at an airport, people often forget that they’ll need local currency even at the airport.

Part of planning ahead is assuming that your credit cards may not work at some point in the trip, even when you’re almost home.

Bringing extra cash for meals at the airport can be a brilliant move. If your flight gets delayed on your way home, you’ll be grateful that you didn’t burn through your cash during your trip in case you need to pay for extra meals or even a bus trip and hotel for the night if your flight is canceled.

Pack Essentials in Your Carry-On

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Anyone who travels a lot will tell you that airlines should be more careful with your luggage.

Bags can become lost or broken, or in the case of a delayed flight or missed connection, you might get separated from your luggage.

Instead of struggling to purchase all new toiletries or clothing, bring your essential items in your carry-on luggage. A toothbrush, deodorant, and even fresh underwear are items that everyone should keep with them while traveling in case of an emergency.

Ask for a Refund

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Even during a natural disaster or a strike, airlines are still businesses that want to keep your business.

If you feel you’ve been inconvenienced due to a canceled or delayed flight due to reasons out of your control, feel free to check with the desk agent for a refund. They might even pay for a hotel and remit a meal voucher when dealing with an overnight delay.

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