Watch: Plane Crashes and Bursts into Flames in Nigeria

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A plane has crashed into a busy street in Lagos, Nigeria, after taking a test flight that went severely wrong. CCTV footage shows the aircraft nosediving into the main road before bursting into flames with residents forced to run for cover.

According to the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency, two people were onboard during the crash, both coming away from the incident alive and now in hospital.

The Jabiru J430 light aircraft belongs to Air First Hospitality and Tours, who were testing out the plane for future tours. As it flew over the capital the pilot announced that he needed to make an emergency landing. As it crashed into the busy road, the aircraft struck a lamp post and skidded to a halt before bursting into flames close to a gas station.

An investigation into the crash has been opened by the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau, with any images or videos asked to be submitted by the public to create a “comprehensive” understanding of what occurred, according to the Premium Times Nigeria.

The crash is the latest in a string of aircraft incidents in Africa. Last month a plane skidded off the runway in Somalia with 30 passengers onboard – only two sustained injuries. In Sudan, a plane crashed during takeoff, killing nine passengers, four of which were military personnel. Dramatic weather incidents across the globe have resulted in a bump in aircraft difficulties recently.

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