The 7 Best Places in Canada to Rent a Cabin This Year

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As European vacations are becoming more and more expensive, more Americans are turning their sights to Canada for a stress-free summer trip. 

Canada has some of the best beaches, lakes, and rivers in North America. Many celebrities and A-listers flock to the land up North to get some quiet rest in secluded areas. 

Follow along for our list of the seven best places to rent a cabin in Canada for any vacation throughout the year. 

Banff, Alberta

Cabin in Banff
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Many people might recognize Banff as a luxurious place to stay near Calgary. The Fairmont Springs draws tourists who want to visit the blue-green Moraine Lake and Lake Louise between pampering spa treatments.

The Rockies and the Kananaskis Mountain Ranges are famous for hiking, backpacking, and staying in quaint cabins. The area can be visited year-round to enjoy the stunning natural scenery.

The Okanagan, B.C

Cabin on a Lake
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The Okanagan Valley sits on the large Lake Okanagan in the interior of British Columbia, a province well-known for its skiing hills and various outdoor activities.

Here, you can rent a cabin on the lake to enjoy fishing, kayaking, wake surfing, and more. The sunny Okanagan makes a great vacation spot for anyone looking to get out in nature to rest and recharge.

Tofino, B.C

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Tofino is a well-known surfing town on the tip of Vancouver Island. Many people visit this remote fishing village to enjoy the ocean waves and see unique sea life.

Vancouver Island is notable for its bald eagles and sea wolves. Many documentaries have been shot here to document the lives of small wolves who swim and catch fish.

Staying in a cabin here will feel like the perfect mixture of mountain and coastal. You can hear the waves crash well into the mountains while enjoying the scenic views.

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

Northern Lights
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Lake Winnipeg is an excellent place to visit any time of the year. In the winter, you can expect to enjoy ice fishing, ice skating, and more. In the summer, you can fish and hunt like the locals.

When renting a cabin on Lake Winnipeg, you should expect to see the Northern Lights during most times of the year. If the Arora Borealis is something on your bucket list, be sure to visit between October and March when they’re the strongest and most vibrant.

Muskoka, Ontario

Cottage in Muskoka
Image Credit: Canva.

Muskoka is also known as “cottage country.” The area is filled with stunning lakes and quaint cottages. Consider renting a cabin right on one of the many lakes to enjoy fun water activities, hiking, and mountain biking.

Many luxury cabins can be rented, but you can also find more affordable options that still allow a super fun weekend with family and friends. 

Whistler, BC

Cabin in the Snow 1
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If you’re looking for the ultimate winter getaway experience, then look no further than Whistler, B.C.

Previously home to the Olympic Winter Games, Whistler is a stunning location full of wooden cottages and chalets.

This wintery destination is a favorite among people who want to find the most spectacular places to ski and snowboard in North America.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Nova Scotia
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For a seaside cabin experience, many people flock to Nova Scotia. This stunning province on the East Coast of Canada combines salty sea water and lush green forests.

This location is best to visit in the summer when you can enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities in between eating a fresh lobster roll or attending a clam bake.

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