Airbnb Safety Concerns: 7 Essential Tips for a Safe Trip

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Airbnb has been the go-to hotel alternative for over a decade now. Although still a popular option, the company and its rental homes have come under fire recently. Safety is at the forefront of these concerns, with some travelers now opting back to more traditional vacation accommodations.

But fear not! We’ve got your back with seven essential tips that will keep you safe and sound during your next Airbnb adventure.


Airbnb Safety - Reviews
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Reviews are like little safety detectives that give you the inside scoop on an Airbnb. 

From honest accounts of cleanliness to neighborhood vibes and even the host’s responsiveness, reviews help paint the picture of what a stay in a particular Airbnb home would be like all from the comfort of your phone or computer.

Verified Hosts

Airbnb Safety - Verified
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Don’t see that Identity verified’ sticker next to a host’s name on Airbnb? Steer clear.

Verified hosts have gone through an extra layer of scrutiny by Airbnb, giving you peace of mind that they meet certain standards.

So, when you see that little sticker next to their name, you can rest easy knowing that your Airbnb experience will be in good hands.

Check For Cameras

Airbnb Safety - Cameras
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Although only likely to happen on very rare occasions, some unfortunate Airbnb users have found hidden cameras whilst staying in their dream apartments.

So, checking for cameras is worth doing when you arrive at your Airbnb. Some tips for doing so include using a WiFi checker, like Fing, looking for unusually placed objects, and using a flashlight to look for camera reflections.

Channel your inner Jason Bourne, and you’ll be safe knowing there are no unwanted eyes watching you!

Store Valuables Away

Airbnb Safety - Safe
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Talking of safe, another great tip is to make sure your valuables are well hidden and locked away.

If the place has a physical safe, ideally one where you can set the code, make sure to store away important items there. If not, consider buying a chain padlock that you can attach to your luggage and a heavy piece of furniture. Then just place your valuables in your suitcase for your trip!

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Airbnb Safety - Alarms
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Many Airbnbs are run by hosts who live in different states or even different countries. So smaller details can be missed when hiring a cleaner or housekeeper to tidy up in-between guests.

First, check to see if there are alarms on each floor of the Airbnb, and then do a quick battery test by pressing their button so you know they’re working.

If you’re really concerned, and very organized, you can purchase travel smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to carry with you whenever you travel.

Turn on Tracking

Airbnb Safety - Tracking
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This is a top tip for any solo travelers, switch your phone to live tracking after you arrive at your Airbnb.

A text or call to a loved one confirming your location offers little proactive safety for you. But by using an app like Apple’s Find My Friends, your location will be visible to those you choose, giving you that extra layer of protection.

Emergency Exit

Airbnb Safety - Emergency Exit
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Once you’ve done all the other checks and are ready to unpack and begin your vacation, it’s time to add one last item to your to-do list: creating an emergency exit plan.

Walk around the entire Airbnb and map out at least one alternative exit route in case of an emergency. That way, you can rest easy knowing if a 1 am panic escape is required, you’ll know the drill.

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