Reddit Is Freaking Out About Buc-ee’s Salary For Car Wash Managers

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Car Wash ManagerBuccee’s, a chain of convenience stores and gas stations, is turning heads not just for their beaver nuggets, but now for their salary list too. A Reddit post showing the salary range for different managerial positions at Buccee’s has people talking and dreaming about a potential career change. And it’s not just any talk; it’s the kind of chatter that happens when folks find out that managing a car wash at Buccee’s could land you a six-figure salary. Yes, you read that right!

The Reddit thread showcases a sign from Buccee’s listing the salary ranges for various positions. The sign reveals that a Car Wash Manager can make $125,000+, while a General Manager can make between $150,000 and $225,000. Needless to say, these numbers got the Reddit community buzzing.

The thread on Reddit is bustling with mixed reactions, encompassing a gamut of emotions from astonishment to skepticism. Users are sharing their takes on the work environment at Buccee’s, revealing that it’s not all rosy despite the appealing salary figures. User QuickiexD77 painted a picture of a stringent work environment, saying, “Your 8-hour shift was legit 8 hours of almost nonstop working. Your ‘break’ is called a ‘moment’ which is 5-10 minutes… Can’t have your phone on you or turned on at all, if they catch you, you’re fired on the spot.”

But amidst the gritty tales, some users are diving into the numbers. User Defreshs10 broke down the hourly rate, highlighting that “50 hour work weeks at $100k/year is $38/hr, whereas 40 hour work weeks at $100k is $48/hr,” illustrating the nuanced difference a 10-hour work week extension makes on the hourly rate.

There’s also a comparison between industries going on in the thread. User hummus_is_yummus1 expressed disbelief, saying, “Bro wtf I make $125k as an aerospace engineer launching satellites, and don’t even get 401k match,” bringing a real-world perspective into the conversation about the unexpected earning potential at Buccee’s.

The discussion is a blend of humor, disbelief, and genuine curiosity, displaying a wide spectrum of opinions and experiences. Users are comparing Buccee’s pay rates to national averages and juxtaposing the managerial positions at Buccee’s with similar roles in other industries.

As the comments pile up, it’s apparent that the high salary comes with its own set of challenges. However, the mere possibility of earning a six-figure salary as a car wash manager has undoubtedly sparked interest and ignited discussions among Reddit users.

How Does This Compare?

The numbers on the sign are indeed eye-popping, especially when you compare them to the national average.

This is where it gets super interesting. We looked at a couple of sources on this which told pretty different stories:

The nationwide average salary for a car wash manager, according to, is about $85,990 per year​1​. But Zippia throws a curveball, pegging the average salary at around $42,047​2​.

That’s a huge difference, right? Maybe we split the difference and call it around $60K as an average? 

The figures from Buccee’s for a car wash manager are clearly on a different level, showing how they are offering way above the average pay, regardless of which figure you consider.

Wrap Up

Whether Buccee’s salary list will entice people to jump ship from their current jobs or not remains to be seen. Yet, one thing is clear: the Reddit community is both astonished and intrigued by the earning potential at Buccee’s, especially in positions that many wouldn’t expect to pay six figures.

The next time you stop by a Buccee’s, you might just find a manager who’s there riding the wave of this viral salary list. And with the buzz growing, who knows, Buccee’s might just become the next hotspot for those looking to make a substantial paycheck in the most unexpected places.


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