Exercise Tourism: Ironman Is a Great Way to See the World

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The Ironman Triathlons are a great opportunity if you’ve ever wondered if you can combine your passion for traveling and exercise.

Each year, Ironman publishes their list of world-class cities where the triathlons will take place. They’re always set in a new, exciting, and stunning destination. Take a look at a recent race in Switzerland.


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Locations for the 2024 season include running through vineyards in Luxembourg, swimming through warm Spanish waters in Mallorca, and cycling through the French countryside in Nice.

Choosing unique and different destinations for Ironman races encourages travel and tourism in these areas while bringing athletes to inspiring destinations.

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The Ironman slogan is “Anything is possible,” and heading to stunning locations worldwide is the push many people need to participate in such complex challenges.

While anyone can enter an Ironman branded race, it often takes previous competition stats to enter into the professional athlete divisions.

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Image Credit: Instagram @ironmantri

Part of the reason why people love to travel is a sense of accomplishment and exploration. Doing so on foot, by bike, and swimming can be part of travel’s exciting journey.

If you still need to get ready to enter into a full Ironman triathlon, consider working for an event as a volunteer or cheering on the many participants who need to hear cheers of excitement to keep going through such an intense physical challenge.

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