I Thought I Knew Florida, Then I Explored These 13 Caves

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Peeling back the layers of Florida’s typical beach vacation façade reveals a labyrinth of caves and underwater caverns, each one unique and extraordinary. From accessible family-friendly trails to intricate underwater cave systems for experienced divers, the Sunshine State presents an exciting new perspective to be explored and appreciated.

Devil’s Den


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Discover history beneath the surface at Devil’s Den, Florida, a unique diving spot nested within an inverted mushroom-shaped karst window. As you descend into its geothermically warmed water, you’ll encounter the thrill of traversing a vast underwater passage, home to 13,000-year-old human and Pleistocene remains.

Blue Grotto

Divers in underwater cave
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Take the plunge in the 72-degree crystal-clear waters of Blue Grotto Springs, a recently renovated and privately owned spring adjacent to Devil’s Den. Whether you’re a certified cave diver, keen on learning from a professional instructor, or simply enjoying aquatic life, Blue Grotto provides an unforgettable experience. With budget-friendly entry costs and nearby amenities ranging from motels to picnic spots, it’s a great destination for all types of adventurers.

Dames Cave

Underwater Cave
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Venture into Dames Cave, located near the charming, citrus-rich town of Brooksville in the Withlacoochee State Forest. This accessible, family-friendly trail leads to a unique cave with a partially collapsed ceiling, opening up a sunlit exploration opportunity for adventurers of all ages. Further exploration of Dames Cave leads to two other caves, Peace Cave known for its extensive network of chambers, and Danger Cave, offering a more thrilling experience.

Florida Caverns State Park


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Florida Caverns State Park is renowned for its air-filled caves and the only ones accessible to the public in Florida. The park, established in 1942 and located near Marianna, offers a unique mix of underground exploration of stalagmite-filled caves and outdoor activities like boating, hiking, and golfing. This ecological and archaeological haven steeped in natural beauty and history offers an engaging adventure for travelers keen on thought-provoking experiences.

Morrison Springs State Park Underwater Caves

Diver in a cave
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Experience the allure of Morrison Springs in northwest Florida, a haven for divers and snorkelers. Explore the depths of a vivid blue, 300-foot deep cave where water surges up from an underground aquifer, surrounded by bald cypress trees and inhabited by schools of mullet and freshwater turtles. With on-site amenities, a nearby boat launch, and the availability of local scuba diving classes, it’s an inviting destination year-round.

Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park Underwater Caves


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Submerge yourself in the mesmerizing underwater world of Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park, located near Luraville, Florida. This 733-acre park is known for its extensive cave system, among the largest in the US, popular among global cave divers and frequently used for diving training. The park’s intricate, limestone-formed passageways offer an unparalleled, immersive diving adventure.

Ginnie Springs


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Ginnie Springs is a world-class diving site near Gainesville, Florida. Cherished for its extraordinary crystal-clear waters and underwater caves, it offers a range of activities from scuba diving and snorkeling to hiking and watersports on the Santa Fe River. With aquatic equipment for rent and camping facilities available, it’s an approachable and captivating retreat for all levels of diving enthusiasts.

Warrens Cave

Cave and flashlight
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Explore the remarkable Warrens Cave Nature Preserve in northern Florida, home to the longest air-filled caverns in the state. This protected terrain, housing the endangered blind crayfish, provides a unique spelunking adventure. Note that access requires advance permission, and while on-site RV camping isn’t offered, numerous nearby campgrounds make for easy accommodation.

Leon Sinks Geological Area

Diver in underwater cave
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Revel in the beauty of the Leon Sinks Geological Area in Leon County, known for its mature karstic topography. This remarkable site is part of an extensive underwater cave system interconnected with Wakulla Springs, offering a network of conduits and larger chambers. This natural spectacle provides a unique exploration opportunity for those interested in Earth’s geological marvels.

Weeki Wachee Springs


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Weeki Wachee Springs, renowned for its underwater mermaid performances, invites you for an exclusive dive into its underwater limestone caverns. Housing the deepest cave in Florida, Mount Doom Cave, this amusement park is a treasure trove for diving lovers. Remember to book in advance, explore with an approved guide, and enjoy the thrilling water slides and captivating mermaid shows on your visit.

Manatee Springs

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Dive into the world of Manatee Springs, once considered the longest cave in the world, with over 20,000 explored and mapped magnificent caves. Located within Manatee Springs Park, it offers an adventurous collection of caverns, including Catfish Hotel open year-round for certified divers. Even though winter swimming restrictions apply to protect sheltering manatees, the immersive experience of exploring this vast cave system is uniquely captivating.

Madison Blue Spring

Underwater cave
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Madison Blue Spring is located in Madison Blue Spring State Park, a hotspot for divers worldwide due to its intricate underwater cave system spanning over 26,000 feet. Its cool waters, home to unique marine life including Hobb’s cave amphipod, pallid cave crayfish, and the swimming little cave isopod, stay at a steady 72°F all year round, providing an unforgettable dive experience.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Underwater cave fish - caves in Florida
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Amidst its 2,669 acres of vibrant wildlife, Ichetucknee Springs State Park is home to Blue Hole Springs, its year-round 72°F water home to an intricate network of underwater amazing caves populated with flora, fauna, and fossils. While the park necessitates a short hike to the spring and requires cave diving certification, the unique adventure on offer makes every step worthwhile.

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