Caught on Camera: The Passport Horror Story That Could Happen to Anyone in Bali

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This influencer’s vacation was ruined when she was stranded at the Sydney airport. Officials there claim they’re just trying to save her from being locked up in a cell in Bali!

@emmafituk_ just telling myself everything happens for a reason 🙃 trying not to cry right now but whatever i’d rather be stranded in Sydney than detained in a Balinese cell !! #bali #deniedboarding #airportlife #airportfails #travelfails #travel #traveltok #traveltiktok #fyp #storytime #passportdamage #detained #flyingtobali #balitravel #balitrip ♬ original sound – emmafituk_


The reason she got the boot from her Bali-bound flight? It was just because of a tiny water stain on her passport. The influencer, @emmafituk_, explains that she’d never noticed the tiny spot of water damage before, and no one at any other airport had ever pointed it out to her. 

However, Sydney airport officials wouldn’t let her board her flight, explaining that Bali was notoriously strict with passports and that the military and security at the airport would have put her in a cell for trying to enter the country with this damaged document! 

As you can imagine, the comment section of her video lit up like a Christmas tree, with people sharing their two cents on the matter.

Some folks had a totally different experience when traveling to Bali. One person even confessed their passport went through the washing machine and still got the green light. Another commenter found this unlikely, pointing out that almost any country would reject a passport with so much damage. “I don’t know what to tell you,” the luckier traveler said. “I just went from the UK to Thailand to Bali to Australia and back. [The passport] is wrinkled but accepted.” 

But then there were others who chimed in, backing up emmafituk_’s claims. They recounted stories about being denied entry due to teeny tiny imperfections in their passports. It seems water damage isn’t just a red flag; it’s sometimes the whole reason for a travel nightmare. 

One commenter says that airline staff did this influencer a favor. They weren’t so lucky and found themselves locked up in a Bali cell for a whopping 12-18 hours until a flight out of the country was available. That’s like a scene straight out of a thriller, right? This is a harsh reminder that passport problems can lead to some seriously tough times abroad.

The moral of the story? When it comes to your passport, don’t mess around. Whether you’re heading to Bali or any other corner of the globe, make sure it’s in tip-top shape.  Passport damage can turn your dream vacation into a total nightmare. 

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