Jet Lag No More: Arrive Energized With These Smart Strategies

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Are you tired of jet lag throwing off your travels? Say goodbye to groggy days and sleepless nights with our ultimate energizer guide. Discover the best ways to avoid jet lag and make the most of your vacation!

Adjust Your Schedule Before Leaving

Alarm Clock
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You can actually do a lot to avoid jet lag before you even step foot in your destination. Thinking ahead and a bit of preparation can go a long way. If you’re heading east, aim to go to bed an hour or two earlier than you normally would in the lead-up to your flight. If you’re off to the west, try and stay up for an extra hour. By doing this simple trick, your body will be ahead of the curve when it comes to your new schedule.

Time Your Flight

Jet lag - Flight Arrivals
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Where possible, plan the landing of your flight with the time you normally wake up, but in the new time zone. For example, if you typically wake up at 7:30 am EST and are flying to London, look for a flight that lands as close to 7:30 am GMT as you can. You may end up departing at an odd time of the day, but the payoff is worth it.

Sleeping on the Flight

Sleeping on plane
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So, if you can get a flight that lands in the morning of your soon-to-be destination, getting some shut-eye on the plane is worth a shot. If you manage to adjust your sleep schedule before flying, this will be easier. But even if you haven’t, try and get at least a few hours of sleep onboard. Make sure to bring along an eyemask, ideally some headphones or earplugs, and ask for a blanket from the cabin crew. 

No In-flight Coffee, Alcohol, or Soda

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It might be tempting to order a glass of red or a Jack and coke while up in the skies, but if you want to avoid jet lag, it is not worth it. Although alcohol may help send you into a catnap, it results in disrupted, poor-quality sleep. The same can be said for coffee and soda, whilst all three will leave you further dehydrated.

Water, Water, Water

Drinking water
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Right, alcohol, coffee, and soda are all out, so what can you drink? That’s a simple one; H2O is your best bet. It might not be fun or sexy, but your body will thank you no end. Due to the controlled air in plane cabins, the lower humidity can lead to quicker dehydration. Plus, many passengers drink less water to avoid bathroom breaks. This will lead to far worse fatigue and cause headaches. Regular visits to the toilet are also a great way to help with cramping and back pain.

Get Outside in the Day Time

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Hopefully, you’ll be landing in the morning, and a surefire way to really help your body in its circadian adjustment is to get outside as soon as you land. It’s always tempting to collapse onto your Airbnb or hotel room bed but forget that; open those curtains wide! Head out and do some exploring instead. You don’t have to walk miles; you can just grab a book and head to the beach or treat yourself to a tasty breakfast at an outdoor cafe.

Avoid or Limit Naps

Avoid naps
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If you find yourself stuck in the middle row, wedged between a crying baby and an overly chatty passenger, then let yourself have a small nap when you land. But make sure it lasts no longer than 30 minutes. For those who managed to get some decent shut-eye when flying, try to stay awake until your usual bedtime and then wake up on time the following day.

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