Las Vegas Showcases Epic MSG Sphere: Earth’s Largest Sphere!

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With the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the most expensive hotel, and the biggest chocolate fountain all to its name, there’s no great surprise Las Vegas will soon open Earth’s largest sphere (besides actual Earth!) on its famous strip.

The MSH Sphere was announced in 2018, with construction due to last for just over four years. The new entertainment arena aims to open in September this year, with U2 set to begin a residency.

Concert-goers attending the MSG Sphere will have the opportunity to witness their favorite artists perform live while being immersed in a captivating experience. The venue features a remarkable 16K LED screen that surrounds the audience, showcasing augmented animations that enhance the visual spectacle. Additionally, this massive LED screen serves as a 360-degree JumboTron, providing close-up views of the performers, ensuring that every seat in the house has an up-close and personal vantage point.

With an expected seating capacity of around 17,500, the venue promises an unobstructed view of the stage or performance area for every seat in the house.

Tickets to U2’s residency start at $140, with guitarist, The Edge promising an incredible experience: “There’s nothing like it. It’s light years ahead of everything that’s out there.” The shows will begin at the end of September and run until mid-December, with 25 dates penciled in.

Although there are still a few months before its official reveal, visitors to Vegas on July Fourth were treated to a sneak peek at the 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide sphere showcasing a multitude of displays, including the American flag, a basketball, an eyeball, and the Earth. 

Under the ownership of Sphere Entertainment Co, the architectural plans were left to Populous, a firm that has developed Super Bowl and World Cup venues. Building costs have reportedly reached $2.3 billion, showcasing the significant investment to bring this state-of-the-art venue to life.

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