Strict New Rules in Bali Might Change Your Travel Plans

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Bali is one of the main tourist destinations for anyone visiting Southeast Asia. This small area in Indonesia offers a bevy of exciting activities, from exploring the deepest jungles to white sand beaches and exploring exotic wildlife.

But recently, tourism in Bali has gotten out of control, with visitors disrespecting the country’s natural elements. Follow along to see the recently changed rules and if they will affect your upcoming travel plans.


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A frequent visitor of the country, Bryson Valencia (@brysonvalencia on Instagram), shares the recent rule changes in Bali that might affect you. 

Due to the boom in tourism in the country, Bali’s government has had to step in and make some drastic changes to protect the country’s natural beauty and the local citizens. 

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The first significant rule that has shifted is the decision to make all visitors carry a valid international driver’s license to rent a scooter or motorcycle.

Previously, anyone who wanted to rent a small scooter or motorbike to get around could do so with just a passport and a cash deposit. However, foreigners causing accidents have become a nuisance in the country.

So if you want to rent a scooter in Bali, be sure to have an up-to-date driver’s license, or else you’ll be turned away.

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Another big rule change will dissuade a lot of travelers from visiting the country. From now on, anyone who is not a legal resident of Indonesia will not be allowed to step foot on any of the mountains or volcanoes in the country.

This rule comes as a sad realization that tourists have left trails and natural areas in deplorable condition. Westerners are known to leave a lot of litter behind them on trails, trample on restricted areas, and even pluck leaves and flowers from plants.

This behavior is unacceptable, so from now on, this rule will be enforced to allow the trails to return to normal.

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The last rule might be familiar to everyone who’s been watching the downfall of Airbnb lately.

Travelers and tourists will not be allowed to stay at any Airbnbs in the country. Due to the nature of Airbnb, hosts don’t pay any tax to the Indonesian Government, which means they don’t contribute to the local economy.

Foreigners have bought up housing in Bali and rent these homes out on Airbnb, which not only takes housing away from locals but keeps the money out of the country as well.

Tourists are now only allowed to stay at properly registered hotels and villas. Airbnbs might begin to get raided by local officials, so even though it might be slightly more expensive, it’s best to support the local economy.

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