Sandals and Beaches Resorts Unveil ‘Gift of Blue’ Sale, Merging Generosity and Getaways

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The Caribbean’s sun-drenched beaches beckon as Sandals® and Beaches® Resorts announce their ‘Gift of Blue’ Sale, an opportunity for travelers to indulge in a tropical retreat while embodying the true spirit of the season—giving.

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This initiative is more than a mere holiday promotion; it’s a sustainable step forward that benefits both the consumer and marine conservation efforts. Here’s what prospective travelers should know:

  • Generous Credits: Up to $250 resort credit on select seven-night stays when booking by December 21, 2023.
  • Conservation at Heart: $50 from each booking between prime holiday dates dedicated to the Sandals Foundation’s ocean preservation.
  • Resort Options: Choose from 16 Sandals and Beaches properties with credits varying by location.
  • Exciting Rates: Prices commence at $249/pp/night at Sandals and $268/pp/night at Beaches Resorts.
  • Travel Window: Valid for journeys taken now until November 3, 2024.
  • Full Details: Visit and for more.

The ‘Gift of Blue’ sale is not just another discount deal; it’s a multi-layered offer that allows holidaymakers to become philanthropists without lifting more than a finger to book their dream vacation.

Every reservation made between November 14 and December 21 for travel through November 2024 isn’t just a gift to you- it’s also a gift to the blue seas that surround these luxurious all-inclusive resorts. For each booking in the specified period, Sandals and Beaches will donate $50 to the Sandals Foundation’s ocean preservation initiatives, as reported by TravelPulse.

But let’s break down the consumer benefits further. Depending on the resort and length of stay, travelers will receive resort credits of either $150 or $250, lowering the threshold for a more lavish experience, be it spa services, excursions, or fine dining under the stars.

With rates kicking off at $249 per person per night at Sandals Resorts and a slightly higher starting point at Beaches, the lavish Caribbean getaway you’ve dreamed of is now an affordable luxury.

Resorts like Sandals Grande Antigua and Beaches Turks & Caicos, which fall under the $250 credit bracket, have never been more inviting. On the other hand, properties like Sandals Royal Bahamian and Sandals Emerald Bay, offering a $150 credit, still serve up indulgent relaxation with a side of savings.

Far from being just a sales gimmick, this sale echoes a growing trend in tourism where holiday spending aligns with ethical considerations. 

As an informed traveler, you’re likely aware of the ecological challenges facing our oceans, especially the endangered coral reefs. Sandals and Beaches Resorts are taking a pragmatic approach to protecting the ‘rainforests of the sea’ by contributing to coral nursery expansions and marine environmental education. This means your week-long respite can actively contribute to conserving the very beauty you travel to behold.

In essence, the ‘Gift of Blue’ sale is more than a call to book—it’s a call to action. As responsible tourism becomes increasingly important, guests are invited to enjoy the dual benefits of memorable vacations and contributing to a larger cause. The Sandals Foundation’s commitment to ocean conservation is commendable, and by choosing to vacation at their properties, you help to turn the tide in favor of our planet’s precious marine life.

For more precise details on which tropical oasis you can choose and what you stand to gain, be sure to check out the full offering on Sandals and Beaches sites so you can plan your impactful island escape.

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