These Vloggers Break Down the Worst Parts of Van Life

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Most vloggers who create content around traveling full-time in converted campers or vans will usually show the highlights of their trips or the best part of traveling freely.

But one couple, Nick and Raychel (@nickandraychel), have opened up about the worst parts about living in a tiny converted van while traveling for over 1,000 days straight.

They’ve been moving around Canada, the United States, and Mexico in a converted ambulance for over three years, so they’ve figured out the downsides of this nomadic lifestyle. 



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In one video, the couple breaks down the reality of living in a cramped space with a partner. It can be challenging to be next to your partner 24/7, let alone in a 150-square-foot van with nowhere to go. Lack of personal space can lead to frustration and arguments, but it pays to be mindful of this issue and take some alone time when needed.

Another big issue that Raychel says they face is the constant amount of chores that need to get done. Things like laundry, filling drinkable water, dumping waste, and filling gas can make it seem like chores take up most of their day.

Unlike at home, when living in a van, avoiding chores isn’t a possibility. Without running water, just doing the basics, like showering and going to the bathroom, can be seriously difficult.

Of course, van life can also come along with significant van problems. Popped tires, getting stuck in the sand, and constant breakdowns can hinder enjoying your time on the road. If you’re planning on using a converted van to travel the country, be aware of the possible issues that you could face.

Nick and Raychel
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Nick and Raychel are also open and honest about the realities of traveling through unknown places. They post plenty of tips and tricks to prioritize your safety while driving through unsafe cities, along with the reality of the cost associated with parking fees, gas, and surprise bills that you might not expect.

Living in a tiny van has positive and negative aspects, like everything in life. Hopefully, for this couple, the benefits will continue to outweigh the negatives.

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