This Couple Shows the Reality of Flying With a New Born Baby

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When taking a plane for an exciting vacation or a long flight, the last thing you want to see is a crying baby.

It can be confusing and uncomfortable for a baby to have their ears plugged due to the elevation change and sitting in one spot for hours on end.

One couple on Instagram, Cam and Mal, shows what the journey looks like for the family of a newborn baby on a plane. For the parents, it can be even worse to brave this type of travel, so take a look at what the process looks like for them.


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The parents show the difficulties of their trip, beginning with a snafu with the car seat in their Uber and a mistake with their tickets. 

Turns out, young babies need a physical boarding pass and not a digital boarding pass like everyone else uses. 

The couple also shows how hectic the airport can be while traveling with young kids because airport security needs to check everything in the diaper bag thoroughly. Although they didn’t fly with any breast milk in bottles, they can be brought on board with additional testing. 

Since the baby is so young, they luckily didn’t have to pay for an extra seat. Opting to keep the baby on their laps during the flight. 

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Luckily for the other travelers on board, the couple chose to breastfeed the baby during take-off and landing to help the baby’s ears pop. For the rest of the flight, the baby was able to sleep peacefully.

People might think that the younger kids are, the more difficult it might be to fly with them, but for Cam and Mal, a five-week-old baby just feeds and sleeps around the clock, so the flight itself ended up being the easiest part of this day.

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