Fan-Favorite TV Shows Now Dictate 50% of All Travelers’ Vacation Choices

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Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • Expedia’s report points out that over half of travelers choose vacation destinations influenced by shows they’ve binged on.
  • This signifies a growing bond between viewers and the locations showcased in popular TV programs.
  • “Set-jetting,” or visiting destinations brought to life on-screen, receives a boost during the pandemic, intensifying interest in screen tourism.

The latest episode in travel trends is unraveling, and Expedia’s recent report spotlights the star: Over half of travelers are now channeling their vacation plans based on the stirring landscapes and iconic locations they’ve fallen in love with on screen. From quiet English countryside manors to bustling metropolises, on-screen locations are now dictating real-world vacations in a trend known as “set-jetting.”

As per a New York Times article, this wave of screen tourism gains momentum from the pandemic-led surge in binge-watching. TV-themed itineraries are becoming a hit, as travel companies respond to this demand by designing packages that allow travelers to walk in the shoes of their favorite characters.

But this trend extends beyond merely visiting filming locations. Immersive experiences like participating in “Bridgerton”-themed teas in London, more intense engagement with screen tourism offers travelers a sense of familiarity and a touch of fantasy in today’s uncertain times. Even accommodations are jumping on the bandwagon, offering themed suites that recreate the ambiance of popular TV shows, enhancing the overall set-jetting experience.

Moreover, screen tourism is not just about following the paths of characters but also about exploring the cultural fabric of the regions they’re set in. Whether it’s tasting the traditional honeycomb toffee delicacies in South Korea, inspired by “Squid Game,” or trotting through the Scottish Highlands like an “Outlander” character, these trips offer a deeper cultural immersion.

However, it’s essential for travelers to remember that while TV shows provide an enticing preview, real-world destinations have far more to offer. Exploring the local culture, engaging with the community, and respecting the environment can turn a set-jetting holiday into a truly enriching experience.

As we witness the upswing of ‘TV Tourism’ reshaping travel narratives, the industry, destinations, and travelers find themselves on an exciting new set. It’s almost like waiting for the next episode, as every TV show brings the promise of the next big travel trend. As we adapt to this evolving storyline, one thing is clear: in the world of travel, the remote is now steering us towards our next great escape. Ready for action? Prepare to roll with the credits.

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