This Van Life Influencer Shares Her Tips for Visiting Mexico

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Living in a converted van or traveling full-time has become a huge trend worldwide, especially in the continental U.S.

It’s incredibly easy to drive through stunning national parks, beaches, and mountains in these converted vans; they’re perfect for those desiring to travel but have limited resources.

Influencer and Van Lifer Sydney Ferbrache (@divineontheroad) shares her tips and tricks from living in her van full-time for the past two and a half years. On a recent trip to Mexico, she shares what she wished she had known before entering the country.

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A post shared by Sydney Ferbrache | Van Life (@divineontheroad)

While driving through the Baja coastal region in Mexico, Sydney shares several helpful travel tips for those hoping to follow in her footsteps and experience a stunning vacation on a budget.

Sydney and her fiance, Henry, often travel with many of their dogs. She shares that up-to-date vaccination records will be essential to safely get your furry friend across the border.

Sydney Ferbrache @divineontheroad
Image Credit: Sydney Ferbrache (@divineontheroad)

She also shares many practical tips for entering a country with a different police and military system, such as handing out printed copies of her driver’s license and passport instead of handing over the real thing. An issue with the Mexican police and military is that they will stop travelers at checkpoints and hold their passports until they agree to pay them cash.

It’s also essential to bring the accepted currency, pesos, instead of relying on credit cards, which can often fail in an emergency. Stopping for the night at campsites or rest stops will also require paying in cash.

When driving, it’s also important to know that Mexico has long stretches of highway or mountain roads, so getting lost, running out of gas, or breaking down can be a serious headache. Sydney recommends bringing a satellite phone to communicate with a friend or a tow truck when in a pinch.

Sydney also shares plenty of useful tips for solo travelers on her Instagram page, be sure to follow along to watch her adventures. 

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