Watch Flash Floods Wash Through New York

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New York is under a flash flood warning as water continues to surge into the area after a rainstorm hit the Hudson Valley hard.

Over eight inches of rain fell in a matter of hours, leading to flooding that was both devastating and deadly.

In this video posted by Reuters on YouTube, you can see the water as it completely takes over several different areas, reaching the front doors of homes and washing away pieces of buildings and other structures.

So far, one person has died in the unprecedented floods. A woman in her 30s tried to save her dog from their home in Orange County but was ultimately swept away by “tidal-wave type waves.” Two of her family members survived the harrowing ordeal, as did the dog.

“The amount of water is extraordinary,” said Governor Kathy Hochul, who declared an official State of Emergency for both Orange and Ontario Counties on Sunday. She also reported that at least one house was completely washed away by the water.

The New York State Police have been working — and will continue to work for the next several days — to save stranded motorists who were stuck out on the road when the water came, blocking streets and trapping several people in their cars. So far, dozens of drivers have been rescued, as have six hikers.

County Executive Steve Neuhaus said that parts of Orange County look like “an absolute war zone” and estimates that he sees months of repair work in the future. A large number of the flood-damaged homes will likely be condemned, meaning that the homeowners will not be able to return once the water has ebbed.

To make matters worse, there are more than 12,000 homes without power in Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, and Orange Counties as of the time of this writing.

It is not just the water that is causing damage, however. Downed trees and power lines, debris, and even boulders have blocked roads and railroad tracks, and a sinkhole opened under a house in Carmel, sending everyone who lived there scattering out into the hazardous weather.

New York is not the only state suffering from this storm system. A flash flood warning has been in effect and will stay in effect through part of Monday for parts of Washington DC, Vermont, and Philadelphia as well.

If you live in or are visiting these areas on summer vacation, it is highly recommended that you check the weather reports and act with extreme caution when going out.

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