5 National Parks in Mexico for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Anyone who loves the national and state parks of the U.S. will be excited to know that Mexico’s national parks also offer breathtaking views and spectacular hikes. 

Going south of the border to experience different climates, vegetation, and mountains can be an enriching experience. Many avid hikers in the U.S. have been to some of the best hikes the country offers and need a new goal to conquer.

Basaseachic Falls National Park, Chihuahua

Cascada de Basaseachi National Park
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This national park sits on the Western side of Chihuahua, inside the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range. The park is named after Basaseachic Falls, the second-tallest waterfall in Mexico.

While the vegetation looks similar to what you might find in New Mexico, with pine forests and rugged cliffs, the inclusion of semitropical vegetation and stunning waterfalls makes this national park a must-see for any avid hiker.

However, be sure to pack for a more rugged terrain than you’re used to in the States. Hiking to these extravagant waterfalls will most likely take more outdoor skills than most amateurs have.

Montebello Lake National Park, Chiapas

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Close to the border of Guatemala, the Montebello lakes in Chiapas have an extremely wide cavern surrounded by striking cliffs. The area offers kayaking and canoeing along with stunning hikes in the surrounding areas. 

This area in Mexico is full of pine forests and can look similar to the Western United States. However, these stunning scenic cliffs are unlike anything you’ve seen before. The area is also home to ancient Aztec sites and architecture.

You can also visit a series of limestone caves or travel along the cliffs on horseback for a unique experience. 

Cabo Pulmo National Park, Baja California Sur

Baja California
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Cabo Pulmo National Park sits on the east coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula and looks similar to the San Luis Obispo area. It’s a national marine park that spans over 100 kilometers of coastline and protects a coral reef.

This vast park shows off the sunning meet-up of dry arid desert vegetation with saguaro cacti along the white sand beaches of the west coast. The area has many hiking trails, but many visitors take horseback riding trails along the cliffs or on the beach.

While visiting, remember to book a snorkeling visit to view the dazzling colors of marine life and coral reef.

Marietas Island National Park, Nayarit

Islas Mareitas National Park Nayarit 1
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Marietas Island is a nationally protected park in the Pacific Ocean. The only way to access this spectacular park is to take a tour about an hour and a half from Puerto Vallarta and pay for the park entrance. Be careful though, once you arrive you’ll need to swim from the boat onto the beach.

Visiting this national park is not for the faint of heart, but the tropical vegetation and marine life are spectacular once you’re there. Many visitors even mention spotting pods of dolphins on their way to the park.

Loreto National Park, Baja California Sur

Loreto Bay National Park Baja California
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The Loreto National Park on the East Coast of the Baja California peninsula is famous for its healthy sea lion population and unique marine ecosystem. You will also be dazzled by the mixture of white sand beaches, tropical vegetation, and deep rocky cliffs. 

The area has rich biodiversity and offers everything from hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and even deep sea diving. This quiet area has five uninhabited islands that you can visit with the help of experienced tour guides. 

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