Flavors of Austin Unleashed: A Guide to the City’s Top-Rated Food and Drink Tours

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In the lively streets of Austin, Texas, the symphony of bustling city life blends seamlessly with the indie spirit of its inhabitants. Austin, famous for its vibrant music scene, is also a treasure trove for the culinary curious.

In between the guitar strings’ twangs and the drum beats’ thrums, you can take a delightful journey through the city’s best food and drink tours. Here’s a curated list of Austin’s best food and drink tours, as ranked by travelers. 

Austin Downtown Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

dish of three tacos with meat and vegetables
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Starting around $88 per adult, the Austin Downtown Walking Food Tour with Secret Food Tours is akin to a culinary odyssey in the heart of Texas. For approximately 3–4 hours, I let my senses take the lead, navigating the downtown area’s hidden corners where local flavors thrive. A whopping 95% of reviewers echo this sentiment, touting the tour as an insightful peek into Austin’s flavorful fold. Here, enchiladas and briskets meet innovation and history.

Half-Day Hill Country Wine Shuttle From Austin

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Imagine a serene backdrop of rolling landscapes gently kissed by the Texan sun—a setting ripe for indulging in some of the finest local wines. That’s what the Half-Day Hill Country Wine Shuttle offers, with prices starting around $60 per adult for a 4–5 hour retreat from the city. This gem boasts a perfect score with travelers, and it’s easy to understand why once you’re sipping a glass of wine amidst the Driftwood terroir.

Half-Day Wine Tour with Luxury Limousine in Austin

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Elevate your wine experience to a level of opulence with the Half Day Wine Tour with Luxury Limousine. While prices start around $300 per adult, it’s a splurge that leaves you touring three distinguished vineyards in style and comfort, pairing each varietal with luscious scenery. Though pricier than other tours, this 4-6 hour sojourn through vinicultural bliss is a toast to luxury and the lush Hill Country alike.

Austin BBQ and Brew Shuttle

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Starting around $60 per adult, the Austin BBQ and Brew Shuttle is an unpretentious celebration of smoked meats and frothy brews that resonates deeply with the soul of this city. This 4-hour tour is my homage to the legendary Austin barbecue, a ritual wrapped in mesquite smoke and paired flawlessly with the craftsmanship of local beer artisans. It’s a casual affair that’s deeply entrenched in the city’s fabric.

Austin E-Bike Foodie Tour

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At a starting point of around $128 per adult, the Austin E-Bike Foodie Tour offers an alternative spin on exploring the city’s gastronomy. For 4 hours, you can trade your walking shoes for the ease of two wheels, diving into local cuisine with a guide that feels more like an old friend showing you around town. It is not just a tour; it’s about embracing Austin’s lifestyle, one bite and sight at a time.

The Brunch Bus: Food Tour with a Live Band on Board the Bus!

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Starting around $125 per adult, The Brunch Bus combines three of life’s greatest joys: food, music, and great company. This 3-hour tour captures the essence of a lazy Sunday, with an impressive 98% of reviewers singing its praises. Hop on and soak in the buoyant atmosphere, where the tunes are as delectable as the dishes served.

East Austin Food Tour

Delicious Barbecued Ribs
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Priced starting around $44 per adult, the East Austin Food Tour is an intimate exposé of the city’s East Side. This 2-hour journey delves into the diverse and creative culinary scene where farm-to-table isn’t just a concept—it’s a commitment. Sampling various establishments, you grasp the heartbeat of Austin’s burgeoning foodie landscape, one flavorful morsel at a time.

Half-Day Hill Country Brewery and Distillery Shuttle from Austin

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With prices starting around $60 per adult, you can escape the city’s clatter for an afternoon of libations in the countryside with the Half-Day Hill Country Brewery and Distillery Shuttle. This 4–5 hour tour is a foray into the Fitzhugh district, where small-batch breweries and distilleries reveal the craftsmanship and passion that define the local spirits industry.

Small Group Pub Walk Tour in Austin with Professional Guide

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If you’re looking for an evening of ambling and storytelling, the Small Group Pub Walk Tour in Austin, with prices starting around $39 per adult, is an absolute must. This 3-hour experience is led by a five-star guide who masterfully intertwines the city’s history with its watering holes. It strikes a chord with 100% of reviewers, who cherish the tales as much as the tipples.

Public PubCrawl Tour in Austin

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The Public PubCrawl Tour in Austin, with a starting price of around $45 per adult, is the perfect choice for those looking to celebrate any occasion or simply revel in the city’s nightlife. During this 2-hour tour, the BYOB concept invites a personalized touch to your evening’s festivities, fostering new friendships against the backdrop of Austin’s most beloved pubs.

Downtown Austin Private Walk: Food, Drinks, and History

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Lastly, for those yearning for a more tailored adventure, the Downtown Austin Private Walk merges culinary delights with historical anecdotes for a unique perspective of the city. Starting around $65 per adult, this 2-3 hour private tour weaves through the streets of Austin, offering both knowledge and nibbles in equal measure for a truly individualized experience.

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