Every Beach Lover’s Dream: 13 Hidden Beaches Near Baltimore

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If you’re scouting for beaches near Baltimore, you’re in luck with these local seaside escapes. From Chesapeake Beach’s shell-rich sands to the calm waters perfect for kayaking at Triton Beach, there’s a nearby beach for every interest. Hit the road and prepare to discover your next favorite spot for sunbathing, fishing, or a family picnic.

Beaches near Baltimore
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Rocky Point Beach


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Baltimore to Rocky Point Beach: 16 miles.

With a rich history echoed in its very sands, Rocky Point Beach near Baltimore offers more than just a sun-soaked stretch of 375 feet. The area’s generous picnic facilities and a playground make it a sought-after locale for both recreation and relaxation. The spirit of the once-beloved amusement park lingers, adding depth to every visit, whether you’re spiking a volleyball over the net or simply savoring the bay breeze.

Miami Beach Park


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Baltimore to Miami Beach Park: 16.5 miles.

Just a splash away from Baltimore, Miami Beach Park offers a 60-acre coastal escape that caters to a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Its sunny beach beckons swimmers and sun worshippers, while the opportunity to rent kayaks and pedal boats adds a ripple of excitement.

Fishermen can cast from the park’s pier, and the boat ramp invites seafarers to explore the Gunpowder River and Chesapeake Bay. With picnic areas, a playground, and a pet-friendly policy, this park is an idyllic setting for both serene and spirited gatherings.

Hammerman Beach


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Baltimore to Hammerman Beach: 17 miles.

Just a quick drive northeast of Baltimore, Hammerman Beach sits on the banks of the kayak-friendly Gunpowder River, offering a half-mile stretch of sand complemented by a backdrop of dense forest. This beach entices early risers with the possibility of a stunning sunrise where river meets bay and tempts the adventurous with kayak and SUP rentals for river expeditions.

With a variety of concessions and picnic shelters, Hammerman Beach is a convenient escape that balances sun, shade, and water sports.

Fort Smallwood Park


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Baltimore to Fort Smallwood Park: 21 miles.

Fort Smallwood Park, a poignant slice of maritime history among the beaches near Baltimore, offers a unique blend of recreational and fascinating historical exploration. Cast a line from the 380-foot “Bill Burton Fishing Pier,” or meander through trails that promise a picturesque journey through the park’s diverse ecosystems. While children revel in the accessible playground, history buffs can ponder the bygone era of the fort’s gun battery and barracks, making it one of the most interesting day-trips from Baltimore.

Downs Park Beach


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Baltimore to Downs Park Beach: 23 miles.

At Downs Park Beach, located within a vast 236-acre expanse, visitors are welcomed by the gentle lapping waves of the Chesapeake Bay, ideal for a refreshing swim or an exploratory kayak session. The park’s two piers double as peaceful fishing spots and gateways for kayakers, while miles of paved and natural trails invite bikers and walkers to discover hidden corners of this serene retreat.

With ample picnic spaces and a beloved dog beach, this park is a favorite for family and social events, where every member, whether on two legs or four, can indulge in their own version of leisure.

Sandy Point Beach


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Baltimore to Sandy Point Beach: 36 miles.

Sandy Point Beach, a picturesque escape just minutes from Annapolis, offers more than just sunbathing on its 2-mile stretch of sand. Families have flocked here since the 1950s to swim in the gentle Chesapeake Bay waters, while the park’s facilities make a day trip both comfortable and convenient.

From crabbing to boat rentals that afford a closer view of the iconic Sand Point Lighthouse and Chesapeake Bay Bridge, this locale is a gem worth the modest entry fee.

Triton Beach


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Baltimore to Triton Beach: 36 miles.

Free of charge and friendly to four-legged visitors, Triton Beach stands out as a peaceful locale for swimming, kayaking, and fishing within reach of Baltimore. While the lack of restrooms and showers suggests a more rustic visit, the safety provided by the enclosing jetties and the prospect of a scenic paddle through the estuary offer a pure outdoor experience. Here, short trails allow for leisurely strolls, inviting both seasoned adventurers and casual explorers to enjoy this undemanding slice of shoreline tranquility.

Mayo Beach Park


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Baltimore to Mayo Beach Park: 37 miles.

For a serene beach day, Mayo Beach Park is a hidden gem among the beaches near Baltimore, drawing visitors with its pristine sandy shores and inviting swimming conditions.

Despite its modest size, the park delivers on family-friendly amenities, with well-appointed picnic spaces that foster leisurely meals amidst gentle sea breezes. Kayakers, too, will find joy in the park’s peaceful waters, completing a picture-perfect outing in this perfectly maintained coastal haven.

Sand Island


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Baltimore to Sand Island: 41 miles.

A boater’s paradise nestled within the Chesapeake’s open waters, Sand Island serves as a spirited escape for those seeking beaches near Baltimore, where summer weekends pulsate with the buzz of anchored revelers. While the island’s approach demands skill from kayakers, its shallow waters offer a cooling respite upon arrival.

The adventure begins at Millard Tydings Memorial Park, where the call of Sand Island’s secluded beach and the promise of camaraderie spark the spirit of the Chesapeake voyager.

Kent Island Beaches


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Baltimore to Kent Island Beaches: 47 miles.

Just a short journey from Baltimore, Kent Island’s beach parks, Matapeake and Terrapin Nature Park, provide nature lovers with an array of land and water activities. The parks’ trails invite hikers and birdwatchers to explore the rich beauty of the island’s ecosystems.

These beaches near Baltimore, although not swimming destinations, serve as perfect contemplative grounds with breathtaking views of the Bay Bridge and the Chesapeake Bay’s expansive waters.

Chesapeake Beach


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Baltimore to Chesapeake Beach: 54 miles.

Chesapeake Beach is a hidden gem among the beaches near Baltimore, where Bayfront Park’s secluded sands reveal sea glass and ancient shark teeth. Local hotels offer rooms with scenic vistas, and a walk along the historical Chesapeake Beach Rail Trail weaves through the town’s touristic past.

Breezy Point Beach


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Baltimore to Breezy Point Beach: 60 miles.

For a day-trip destination that mingles sunbathing with a taste of paleontology, Breezy Point Beach near Baltimore stands out with its fossil-rich sands. Families can enjoy picnics against a scenic bay backdrop, while enthusiasts may find the fishing pier an ideal spot for capturing the Chesapeake’s aquatic offerings. It is a place where every grain of sand whispers tales of ancient marine life waiting to be unearthed.

Assateague Island National Seashore


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Baltimore to Assateague Island National Seashore: 148 miles.

Assateague Island National Seashore, voted a top state park and one of the best beaches near Baltimore, promises an escape to unspoiled shores where the Atlantic beckons surfers and swimmers alike. With campsites nestled by the sea and the chance to journey down beach trails by 4-wheel drive, your adventure might be enriched by the sight of the island’s famed wild ponies, a truly captivating encounter with Assateague’s living wonders.

Beaches near Baltimore
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