How To Spend The Day In Bentonville, Arkansas

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The wonderous town of Springfield, Missouri is filled with adventures ranging from the Dickerson Park Zoo to a Tram Tour Underground. But, even after all of this excitement, residents stay awaiting a day-trip or weekend getaway to explore other areas of nearby cities. 

Bentonville, Arkansas is the perfect, quaint relaxing town that anyone could hope for on a quick road trip. With a population a little under 50,000 people, this tight-knit community can serve as a tourists’ most ideal mini-vacation. 

Bentonville, Arkansas 

The downtown stretch of colorful mid-rise buildings with an old-fashioned style demeanor, Bentonville is every mid westerner’s dream for a quiet getaway. 

Home to many museums for art, gardens, and history, one of the most peculiar, but fascinating structures Bentonville homes, is the Walmart Museum. Dedicated to Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club, this establishment serves as a working Walmart location, with more history than any other.  

Best Day Trip Adventure Ideas from Springfield, MO  


The two-hour drive from Springfield, Missouri to Bentonville, Arkansas is a trip that is completely durable for the regular traveler, as well as any homebodies who don’t enjoy leaving the comfort of their own home. 

This length of a drive is perfect for a quick there-and-back day trip, or for a long weekend getaway to explore more of the town. 


Bentonville can reach low temperatures in the winter months and high temperatures in the summer, so the best time to visit this dry-aired state would be during the spring or fall. 

The months of May and September are the most fitting weather times to enjoy the outdoor experiences that Bentonville has to offer with the sunny days hitting highs of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit and evenings cooling off to the mid-’50s. 


The Buttered Biscuit 

The breakfast sit-down spot located on the outskirts of downtown Bentonville, The Buttered Biscuit, is one that’s a must hit if you’re in town in time for brunch. While they obviously are most known for their mouth-watering fluffy biscuits, this establishment has many more outstanding qualities to show for. 

With the most-informative and kind waiting staff around, their many different menu options can fulfill anyone’s breakfast wants and needs. While the classic chicken and biscuits dish seems to be the most rave from the crowd, so is the unique turtle french toast. 

The Buttered Biscuit

Fred’s Hickory Inn 

Whether you’re stopping by for a cocktail or glass of wine to enjoy on the cabin’s front porch to take in the spectacular views of nature, or going in to enjoy a fancy cuisine, Fred’s Hickory Inn is one of Bentonville’s, can’t-miss adventures. 

With some rustic-country views that you’d expect to see in Arkansas, Fred’s Hickory Inn cabin is nothing short of romantic and breathtaking. Their extensive menu of different kinds of pasta and plated entrees are enough to fit the cravings of any visitor.  

The Preacher’s Son 

This unique and refined atmosphere of a retired Gothic Revival church will be the most intriguing ambiance you might ever experience. 

The Preacher’s Son is a high-quality modern American cuisine restaurant serving its customers ingredients sourced directly from farmers in Northwest Arkansas. Serving brunch, lunch, and dinner throughout the week, its menu is extensive with a little bit of a pricey breach. 

But, you do receive the quality back that you pay for in the meal! Make sure to try out their Mahi Mahi with brown butter carrot puree that many of their customers have been raving about. 


BiteSeeing Food Tours 

This tour with BiteSeeing Food is the best way to find locally-owned restaurant spots around Bentonville and taste the most mouth-watering food around the town. 

You’ll make five stops along the two-mile trek tasting some of Arkansas’s finest dishes, while also learning some history about the restaurants and the chefs. Private tours are also available for larger groups of friends or family to have a bonding experience.  

Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Tours 

The biking trails at the Slaughter Pen are some of the most challenging, but highly-rated mountain bike trails in the United States. Bring your own bike, or head down to the Phat Tire Bike Shop in town to rent one for the day. 

Whether you’re an expert in mountain biking or just beginning, the Slaughter Pen has multiple trails to choose from, ranging from singletrack and paved bikeways to bridges and roads. 

Slaughter Pen Trails

Markham and Fitz 

Located in the heart of downtown Bentonville, Markham and Fitz is the perfect dessert snack stop with a chocolate bar, cocktails, and coffee. 

With tons of bakery and coffee options to choose from for a pick-me-up, customers have consistently raved about the brown sugar bourbon chocolate chip cookies and the hot chocolate. 

Final Thoughts

The quick day-trip or long weekend getaway to Bentonville is one you don’t want to miss out on. As a town full of rich history and locally owned businesses, the family-friendly atmosphere will welcome you with open arms. 

Make sure to come with an empty stomach and ready to taste-test all the homemade dishes that Bentonville has to offer.

Happy traveling! 

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