Morro Bay: Where To Eat & What To See

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Living in Santa Barbara, California can seem like a dream come true. Maybe even like a mini-vacation every morning you wake up and see the bright blue sea outside. But, everyone needs a little time for new scenery, no matter how perfect your home region is. 

A little city known as Morro Bay sitting about two hours north of Santa Barbara has a freshly-modern vibe to its ambiance that you can’t get anywhere else in California. 

Morro Bay 

Home to just over 10,000 people, the peaceful atmosphere of the coastal city inhabits some of the most heart-stopping sunset views over the horizon. The calm waves inland make for a perfect destination spot for sailboat enthusiasts. 

While known for its divine views, Morro Bay is also home to the famous Morro Rock, which is an ancient rock volcano that was said to have formed over 23 million years ago. As a now State Historic Landmark, Morro Rock still serves as a beach-spot for locals and tourists to enjoy its outlook. 

Morro Bay: Romantic Day Trip From Santa Barbara


As we mentioned above, the travel to Morro Bay from Santa Barbara is very doable for a quick day-trip to visit the chic city. With just over 100 miles of travel, you’ll reach the destination in under two hours while traveling along the coastal line. 

While you might have to take in CA-154 traffic into account for your trip, the ultimate length of the trek is one that’s not exhausting, even to a newbie traveler. 


The weather is always sunny and warm on the coast of California, so you don’t have to prepare for many new surprises there. 

If you’re hoping for a day to relax on the Morro Beach, then plan for a warmer month such as July or August, but if you’re hoping to stay comfortable for a day adventure around the city, then any other month will work just fine. 


Blue Sky Bistro 

The Blue Sky Bistro is perfectly fixed on the coastline of Morro Bay for customers to enjoy a relaxing cup of joe any time of day they please. From sunrise to sunset, the all-day breakfast is served straight to your liking as you take in the salty air. 

The locally-owned diner is credited for its homemade biscuits and gravy, as well as its Sailor’s Bay Benedict that features poached eggs, bay shrimp, and crab meat, topped with hollandaise sauce. 

Bayside Cafe 

It’s not a surprise that most of the restaurant spots in Morro Bay consist of freshly and locally caught fish, and the Bayside Cafe isn’t much different. But, their exceptionally new dishes do make them stand out from the others.  

With indoor dining facing the bay, Bayside also offers an outdoor seating area with umbrellas and heaters that’s dog-friendly for a warm summer day. 

With an extensive wine and beer menu along with many shareable plate options, this is the most fitting hangout spot for a day-drink and snack. 

Windows On The Water 

A romantic seaside experience for date-night or just a night on the town with your friends, Windows On The Water is the place to be for sunset dinners. 

With cuisines that are unmatched in Morro Bay, its Oyster Bar is an experience you don’t want to miss. After your dinner is finished, Windows On The Water offers a few exquisite desserts to choose from, as well as a suggested dessert wine menu. 

Oyster Bar


Three Stacks and a Rock Brewing Company 

The working brewery and tasting room in the northern sector of Morro Bay hosts house-made beers, wines, and ciders from the locals. Producing six house-brews of their own, Three Stacks is the ultimate pub-style ambiance for a day-trip. 

To go along with the coast style brews, the pub offers bite-size foods to compliment the drinks, including complimentary popcorn. 

Maya Sailing Adventures 

A day sailing with Maya Sailing Adventures to the Channel Islands is the most adventurous getaway excursion you could imagine. As you set sail out to sea, you could get the chance to spot whales and seals before reaching your relaxing destination. 

When you arrive at the Channel Islands, the world is your oyster. With options to anchor out at shore to take in the calming crash of the waves, go whale searching further out, or do some yoga or meditation on the beach with the salty breeze blowing. This tour of the shoreline on the Central Coastline is an all-day experience with memories that will last a lifetime. 


Outback Trail Rides 

Outback Trail Rides takes romantic horseback riding up a notch with trail rides offered along the beach of Morro Bay. Groups for the rides consist of no more than four riders, plus two instructors to give personal attention to each horse if need be. 

There are multiple options as to where to ride to, and for how long. You can choose to do a two-hour trail ride along the sand of Morro Bay at sunset, or take a trip through a winery nearby with an included wine-tasting. 

Final Thoughts 

Morro Bay is the perfect quaint city to visit for a relaxing getaway, especially if you’re looking for a romantic date day. With an enormous amount of locally-owned restaurants and businesses to hit, you won’t ever be bored around the town. 

Before you plan your day, make sure to cut some time out around sunset to sit on the sandy beach with a full glass of wine, and take in all of its beauty. 

Happy traveling! 

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