Brushstrokes & Beats: A Curated Guide to the Top Art Tours in Chicago

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Chicago, with its rich tapestry of art and architecture, beckons those who seek not just to see but to experience. 

These tours take travelers on an adventure through the best art, music, and literature that the city has to offer. 

Skip-the-Line Art Institute of Chicago Semi-Private Guided Tour (8ppl Max)

Art Institute of Chicago
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At the Art Institute of Chicago, art aficionados can find their haven. With tours starting around $116, you’re ushered into a world rivaling the grandeur of the Met or Louvre. Peek into the minds of history’s greatest artists, where every canvas tells its own tale, and if you’re curious to hear what other art lovers have to say, you can read more reviews here.

Chicago Walking Tour: Tiffany Treasures

Tiffany Treasures
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Delight in the luminescent charm of Tiffany glass on a walking tour that showcases Chicago’s most breathtaking art-glass and mosaics. Starting around $30, this journey narrates the life and legacy of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Get your fix of sparkle and story; it’s a small-group tour ensuring a personal touch—see more photos and reviews here.

Offbeat Street Art Tour of Chicago: Urban Graffiti, Art, and Murals

Street Art Chicago
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Explorers with a taste for the modern can join the Offbeat Street Art Tour of Chicago. With prices starting around $40, stroll through a living gallery where city walls burst with stories. It’s an authentic slice of Chicago culture, recommended by avid art lovers—dive into the urban canvas and read their thoughts here.

Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House Admission

Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House
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Architecture buffs, rejoice! A visit to the Frederick C. Robie House is like stepping into a Frank Lloyd Wright dream. For prices starting around $27, you can wander through one of America’s most iconic buildings—a testament to the Prairie School movement. Reviews often mention the impeccable detail Wright infused into every corner, and you can read more here.

Ferris Bueller Movie Tour at the Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago
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Tap into your inner 80s movie buff with the Ferris Bueller Movie Tour at the Art Institute of Chicago. This unique tour, with prices starting around $40, retraces the mischievous paths of Ferris and friends, offering a whimsical perspective on classic art. See the artworks through the eyes of a cult classic, and check out guest memories and photos here.

Millennium Park Art and Architecture Walking Tour

Millennium Park Art
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If you want to weave the story of Chicago into your very steps, embark on the Millennium Park Art and Architecture Walking Tour. Kicking off prices around $39, it’s more than a stroll—it’s a narrative on the confluence of art and design in urban spaces. To see what fellow travelers have to say about their experiences, you can read more here.

West Town Instagram Hot Spots Tour By Studio W.I.P.

Street Art Chicago
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

For the social media maven and the lover of the lens, the West Town Instagram Hot Spots Tour by Studio W.I.P. is a click away. With prices starting around $25, this jaunt is as much about capturing moments as it is savoring them. It’s a creative adventure through some of Chicago’s most photogenic locales—find inspiring shots and traveler reviews here.

Art of a City, Downtown Chicago Semi-Private Guided Walking Tour

Red Flamingo sculpture in Chicago
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Discover the Art of a City in this downtown Chicago semi-private guided walking tour. For art lovers, the starting price of around $101 is a worthy investment to unravel the stories behind public masterpieces by Picasso, Chagall, Miro, and Kapoor. Guests often rave about the hidden gems they uncover; for an insider’s look, explore more photos and reviews here.

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State Park Day Trips From Chicago
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