A Flavorful Journey Through Atlanta: The Ultimate Food and Drink Tour Experience

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Atlanta, with its rich tapestry of history and bright swatches of street art, is more than just a pitstop; it’s a trove of culinary delights waiting to be uncovered.

In a city that’s a melting pot of the old and new South, the food scene is as beautifully complex as the history it’s built upon. So, grab your walking shoes and an appetite because we’re about to take you on a gastronomic tour through the Big Peach that promises to be as juicy and satisfying as the fruit itself.

3-Hour Atlanta Beltline Food, Street Art and History Tour

Vietnamese Food
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Stroll through the elegant Inman Park neighborhood, where Victorian homes stand shoulder to shoulder with colorful murals, and treat your palate to a symphony of flavors. On the 3-Hour Atlanta Beltline Food, Street Art and History Tour, you’ll immerse yourself in a culinary adventure as rich as the history you’re walking through. Prices start around $99 per adult for a tapestry of tastings that tell the tale of Atlanta through its food. Visitors rave about how each bite is a step back in time, a culinary chronicle written on the city’s walls.

City Lights Atlanta Night-Time Tour with Photos & Dinner Stop

People Holding Ice Creams
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When the sun dips below the horizon, Atlanta transforms like a chameleon under moonlight. The City Lights Atlanta Night-Time Tour offers a dazzling display of Atlanta’s skyline, where the buildings come alive in a spectacle of light. For an experience starting around $65, your night includes a tour complete with photo ops and a stop for dinner. Travelers often highlight the glittering skyline views that pair perfectly with the city’s vibrant dining scene.

North Georgia Wine Country Tour from Atlanta

Red wine tasting with bites on wine tourism tours
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Escape the urban rush for the serene vineyards of North Georgia on the North Georgia Wine Country Tour from Atlanta. Starting around $110, spend your day sipping the day away amidst rolling hills that travelers compare to the famed contours of Tuscany. It’s a full-bodied experience that sommeliers and casual sippers alike toast to as a highlight of their Georgian journey.

2 Hour Historic Market Food Tour and Hands-On Biscuit Class

Cookies on Container
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Take a bite out of Atlanta’s history with a 2 Hour Historic Market Food Tour that’s flaky on the outside and warm on the inside, much like the Southern biscuits you’ll learn to make. With prices starting at $65, enjoy 11 tastings from 5 different vendors, which guests describe as a carousel of delight that dances across the taste buds.

Grant Park Food and Cemetery Tour

Rigatoni Pasta Gratin Bake
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The Grant Park Food and Cemetery Tour weaves a narrative as rich as the gravies you’ll sample, combining architectural marvels with lip-smacking Southern cuisine. From $80, you’ll embark on a journey through Atlanta’s oldest park and its final resting place for many notable residents, with foodies applauding the tour as a tasteful homage to Atlanta’s past.

Half-Day Wine Tastings in the North Georgia Mountains

Wine tasting event
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For those seeking the nectar of the gods closer to the clouds, the Half-Day Wine Tastings in the North Georgia Mountains are a must. With prices beginning at $115, travelers can enjoy a tipple while the mountain vistas unfold like green waves before them. Reviews often gush over the selection of wines and the tranquil escape from the city’s pulse.

Atlanta Brew Bus Tour

Draft Beer and a Wooden Keg
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Hop onboard the Atlanta Brew Bus Tour for a frothy journey through some of the city’s top breweries. Prices start around $115 for a tour that eliminates the worry of planning and driving. Beer enthusiasts frequently praise the selection of breweries and the behind-the-scenes look at Atlanta’s thriving beer culture.

ATLANTA Yes, Queen! Drag Queen Pub Crawl

A Group of Friends Drinking Beer
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Get ready to sashay your way through the ATLANTA Yes, Queen! Drag Queen Pub Crawl, a vibrant tour priced at around $40 that guarantees an unforgettable night. Reviewers often cheer for the combination of fabulous entertainment and spirited drinks that define this unique pub crawl.

Guided Brewery Tour in Atlanta

Person Holding Clear Drinking Glass With Beer
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Dive into the world of hops and barley with a Guided Brewery Tour in Atlanta, where, for around $12, you can taste the craft of the city’s beer artisans. Those who’ve taken the tour admire the passion and knowledge of the guides, highlighting it as a must-do for any beer lover.

Full-Day Wine Country Wine Tastings From Atlanta

Person Holding Clear Wine Glass
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Set out on a Full-Day Wine Country Wine Tastings From Atlanta, where starting at $120, you can swirl, sniff, and sip your way through Georgia’s vineyard-draped hills. Oenophiles leaving reviews mention the picturesque scenery paired with the exquisite wine selection as the perfect blend for a day trip.

Bartram Trail Hike plus Wine Tasting

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Combine your love for nature and vino on the Bartram Trail Hike plus Wine Tasting. Starting at $159, embrace the forest’s tranquility and cap off the excursion with a well-deserved wine tasting, described by adventurers in reviews as the quintessence of ‘earning your pour.’

Atlanta Beltline Cocktails and Bites Experience

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Join an elevated journey along the Atlanta Beltline Cocktails and Bites Experience, where starting at $129, you can sip on craft cocktails while soaking in rooftop views. Guests recount the electric atmosphere and the inventive libations as the highlight of their Atlanta escapades.

Maki Interactive Cooking Class with a Chef in Atlanta

Sushi Maki and Niguiri Soy Sauce and Wasabi
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Take the chef’s knife by the handle in a Maki Interactive Cooking Class with a Chef in Atlanta, where for approximately $55, you roll and taste your way to sushi mastery. Participants are often thrilled by the skills acquired and the personal touch that Chef Monica adds to the experience.

Self Guided Food and Mystery Picnic Date in Roswell

Baskets on Picnic Blanket
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Unravel the clues to a delicious destination with a Self Guided Food and Mystery Picnic Date in Roswell. Priced at around $55, this adventure is described by couples as a charming foray into the unexpected, stitching together the elements of a meal and a treasure hunt into a single, enjoyable tapestry.

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Blue Ridge Lake
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