History Came Alive: My Journey Through the Best Historical Tours in Memphis

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Memphis, Tennessee, is a mosaic of stories where each cobblestone and corner has a tale to tell. It’s a place where history isn’t just stored in textbooks but is alive in the rhythms of blues and the silent echoes of its storied past.

This is a haven for the curious traveler, where a diverse array of historical tours beckon those eager to step back in time. From the roots of musical revolutions to the poignant trails of civil rights movements, let’s embark on a journey to discover the best historical tours Memphis has to offer, each one a key to unlocking the secrets of this soulful city.

Memphis Discovery Tour

memphis Tennessee
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Embark on a morning filled with historical insights blended seamlessly with Memphis’ renowned musical heritage and delectable Southern cuisine on the Memphis Discovery Tour. Prices for this comprehensive experience start around $38 per adult, and it’s not hard to see why 97% of travelers sing its praises. The tour’s reviews rave about the well-spun tales by knowledgeable guides—stories that let you taste history with every step.

Historic Memphis Guided Walking Tour

Court Square Fountain
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Step by step, the past comes alive on the Historic Memphis Guided Walking Tour. With the nostalgia of the Civil War, the spirited echoes of Prohibition, and the cradle songs of blues, soul, and rock, it’s a symphony of epochs. Starting at around $27 per adult, 96% of travelers have recommended this stroll down memory lane, praising it for its profound connections to Memphis’ beating heart.

2.5 Hours Essence of Memphis African American History Tour

Beale Street memphis
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Let the Essence of Memphis African American History Tour become your “conductor” to an orchestra of stories that shaped a city and a nation. Recommended by 97% of travelers, the tour, starting around $72 per adult, dives deep into a heritage that intertwines pain with triumph in a powerful narrative. Reviewers often highlight the tour as enlightening—opening eyes to a Memphis that pulses with resilience and pride.

Beale Street Guided Walking Tour

Beale Street
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Take a lyrical journey down one of America’s most iconic streets with the Beale Street Guided Walking Tour. Starting around $16 per adult, this walk is a tribute to the Blues’ birthplace, as recounted by 93% of travelers who have tapped their feet to its storied past. The tour is a hit for those seeking to immerse themselves in the rhythms that still echo off these lively sidewalks.

City of Memphis Guided Bus Tour

Memphis, Tennessee, USA Skyline
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Cruise through the city’s highlights on the City of Memphis Guided Bus Tour, where the convenience of a shuttle meets tales of historic proportions. With prices beginning at around $40 per adult, the tour offers a panorama of Memphis’ must-see attractions, as the city’s lore unfolds outside your window. This is the moving picture of Memphis that both history buffs and sightseers dream of.

Memphis City Highlights: Guided Sightseeing Tour

Mud Island
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Join the Memphis City Highlights: Guided Sightseeing Tour to unravel the threads of Memphis’ timeline, from its historical fabric to its musical milestones. Starting at around $38 per adult, it’s your all-access pass to the heart of Southern charm. Travelers often leave this tour feeling intimately acquainted with Memphis, painting it as a cherished keepsake from their journey.

Memphis Music & More: Private Car Tour Extravaganza

Memphis, Tennessee, USA downtown city
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Indulge in an exclusive odyssey through the annals of the city with the Memphis Music & More: Private Car Tour Extravaganza. Tailored experiences start around $150 per adult, taking you through Memphis’ riveting story as a pivotal landmark by the Mississippi River. The reviewers who’ve opted for this intimate tour often describe it as an unforgettable tapestry woven with the rich threads of Memphis’ past and present.

Beale Street Experience Audio App Self-Guided Walking Tour

Beale Street
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The Beale Street Experience Audio App Self-Guided Walking Tour offers a digital age twist to the historic trek, starting at a tune of about $6 per adult. Connect to the echoes of Beale Street’s legendary past at your pace, crafting your path through the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock and Roll. Travelers appreciate the independence, rooting their experience in personal discovery.

Walking Ghost Tour in Memphis

scary forest in Memphis
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For those intrigued by the spectral side of history, the Walking Ghost Tour in Memphis is your ticket to the city’s darker tales. Likely to sell out and starting around $27 per adult, this excursion promises an evening of eerie escapades with a side of spine-tingling storytelling. It’s a journey through the alleys of the afterlife that’s earned ghostly approval from its participants.

Stride Through History: 2-Hour African American Heritage Tour

downtown Memphis
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The Stride Through History: 2-Hour African American Heritage Tour takes you on a reverent walk through downtown Memphis, delving into the heart of African American history. With a starting price around $37 per adult, the tour has been celebrated for its engaging narrative and cultural depth, as much as for the footsteps of change it follows.

Elvis Presley’s Childhood Home with Lunch & Transportation from Memphis

Elvis Presley Statue in Tupelo, MS
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No Memphis tale is complete without a pilgrimage to the humble beginnings of the King of Rock and Roll. Visit Elvis Presley’s Childhood Home, with packages starting around $102 per adult, including lunch and transportation. Fans rave about the authenticity and the stirring nostalgia that comes from walking through the rooms where Elvis once dreamed.

Memphis Music Magic: A Walking Tour for Music Lovers

The Orpheum Theater
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Conclude your Memphis tour with the Memphis Music Magic: A Walking Tour for Music Lovers. From the hallowed Orpheum Theatre to the rhythms that danced through the air, the tour, starting around $150 per adult, is a standing ovation to the city’s melodic legacy. Reviews depict it as a pilgrimage for the soul, uplifting the spirits of all who partake in its musical embrace.

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