“The Best Massage I’ve Ever Had” – Why 3 Days At Couples Swept Away Was Exactly What We Needed

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Jake Cain is an entrepreneur and writer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He spends his free time driving around the country in his late 90’s conversion van, affectionately known as the “Monster Van” with his wife and 3 boys.

One of the benefits of writing about travel is that you get to check out amazing places and then share your experience with others. 

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were able to take a 3-day trip to Jamaica in the middle of January for some kid-free relaxation. 

(If your winters are as cold as ours in Ohio, you’ll know that the January trip date couldn’t have been more perfect). 

When we arrived and the view from our balcony, I knew this was going to be an amazing trip. 


Besides the pristine beach and crystal clear ocean, which would have been enough, we found the other amenities and experiences at Couples Swept Away in Negril have us planning our return trip already. 

Here are some highlights from the trip. 

The Best Massage Ever

I’m not just talking about the best massage at an all-inclusive resort, but my wife and I agreed that the massage from the spa at Couples Swept Away was the best massage we’ve ever had anywhere. 

And we get massages fairly often, especially when we travel.

The spa itself was beautiful and relaxing. After check-in, you get prepared and walk into the peaceful sights and sounds of the hydrotherapy room. 

Hydrotherapy room

After that, we enjoyed a 50-minute couples massage that was truly second to none. The massage beds were comfortable, and the therapists were adept at integrating some stretching and applying the perfect amount of pressure throughout the massage. 

If you visit this resort, consider a massage a “must-do.” 

The Beach Checks All The Boxes

Couples Swept Away

Crystal clear water? Check. 

Tons of space on the sand to spread out? Check. 

Plenty of hammocks and shade trees? Check. 

Couples Swept Away is in the heart of the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach in Negril, which is famous for all the reasons listed above and more. 

Shade Beach

When we weren’t eating, at the spa, on the water, or participating in other activities offered at the resort, this is where you could find us: 

Beachside chairs

Not a bad place to spend a few hours each day, am I right? 

Breathtaking Sunset Cruise


Yes, that’s a real picture we took of one of the sunsets at Couples Swept Away. 

The ample coastline provides a nighttime spectacular that’s not to be missed. 

We were fortunate enough to board a catamaran one night and take a 3-hour cruise to explore the coastline and enjoy the sunset from the water. 

One of the stops included passing by the cliff jumpers at nearby Rick’s Cafe, which is one of the go-to spots for food, drink, and sunsets along the jagged cliffs of Negril. 

IMG 2217 scaled

After that, we stopped for a bit and let anyone who wanted to jump off (or ride the slide off) of the boat. A bunch of us swam over and explored a nearby cave that you could swim through (pictured below.)

IMG 2225 scaled

The crew kept things lively and fun with upbeat music and dancing, plus impeccable service at the bar throughout the trip.

Sunset Cruise

Pickleball Experience

If you’re into tennis or pickleball, you’ll love the tennis center at Couples Swept Away. 

We’re pickleball novices, but we joined in for a lesson one morning and found the courts were full of activity and extremely well-kept. 

IMG 2072 scaled

As for the on-the-court experience, we looked like two people who have hardly ever played pickleball! 

That said, the pro on site was super friendly and helpful, explaining the game and giving us the basics, so we still had a blast trying it out together. 

Mixology & Cooking Class

When I first heard we were going to a mixology and cooking class, it almost sounded like work. 

I was open to trying it, but I didn’t know if cooking my own meal was my idea of relaxing. Fortunately, it was more of a situation where we got to watch and learn and leave the real work to the experts. 

IMG 2153 scaled

For the cooking demonstration, we were seated beachside under the shade of a palm tree while a couple of chefs prepared a variety of foods for us to taste, including the local favorite, ackee. 


Everything we tried was excellent, and I’m convinced everything tastes better when it’s enjoyed from a beachfront location. 

The mixology class included a demo of how to make a Planters Punch and a Carribean Martini, both of which were dangerously tasty. 

Mixology Class

Lively Entertainment

We thought the nightly entertainment options struck the perfect balance of being entertaining without being overbearing. 

By that, I mean that if you wanted to take a quiet nighttime dip in the pool, you could do that in peace without feeling the bass pumping from nearby live music. 

cr sweptaway31high 56152fed190ff 5e3c98bcb32de 1500x1000 1

But if it was the energy of live music you wanted, they had that, too! The resort is spaced out in such a way that you can feel pretty secluded, but you’re an easy walk from being in the middle of the action or just taking it easy. 

We particularly loved the steel drum performance, which included dancing and some seriously talented entertainers. 

IMG 2024 1 scaled

However, our favorite part of the evening entertainment was the beachfront bonfire. Check out how beautiful this is: 

IMG 2051 scaled

You can’t really get a sense of it from this photo, but the resort also provides incredible stargazing opportunities. 

We took turns enjoying the beauty of the fire and then looking up into the sky for a dazzling show from the heavens. 

Wrap Up

Our first trip to Jamaica was everything we hoped it would be, in large part because of the people at Couples Swept Away. 

As we said farewell to the vibrant beats and impeccable service of Couples Swept Away, we learned of an upcoming gem not to be missed: The Get Swept Away Summer Event Series.

From June 18th-22nd, ‘Arts, Eats & Beats’ promises lively performances and taste bud adventures, while ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’ from May 15th-19th focuses on wellness and fun under the sun, with activities like paddleboarding and sunset yoga.

These events are designed to offer even more immersive experiences, similar to what we got to experience. 

Check out the photos and mark your calendars for a blend of culture, relaxation, and joy that Couples Swept Away does so well.






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