Day Trips from London: Top Destinations Outside the City

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Explore a world of adventure just beyond the United Kingdom’s bustling capital, where captivating day trips from London await eager travelers.

From the regal splendor of Windsor Castle, the enchanting allure of Harry Potter’s Warner Bros Studio, to the cinematic wonders of Black Park Country Park, there’s plenty of fun to be had outside the Big Smoke.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best destinations now!


Windsor, UK - Day Trips from London
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 25 miles.

Best way to get there: A one-hour train journey from Paddington Station.

Home to Windsor Castle, one of the British Royal Family’s many properties, the castle is now the longest-occupied royal residence in Europe. You can take tours of the castle for a reasonable price and get a glimpse into life as a royal. Windsor itself is a beautiful town, with cobbled streets, olde-worlde pubs, and a scenic river where you’ll spot plenty of swans that technically belong to the King!

Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio

Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

How far: 21 miles.

Best way to get there: A one-and-a-half hour train journey or use Golden Tours buses.

Have you ever wanted to step foot into Hogwarts? Take in the majesty of the Great Hall before enjoying a sweet butterbeer and then hopping aboard the Hogwarts Express, all from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry PotterFormerly known as Leavesdon Studios, the area was previously a WWII aircraft factory before being converted to a working film studio in the 1990s. All seven Harry Potter films were shot here, so the majority of the sets, props, and costumes you see on the tour were all featured in the movies!

Black Park Country Park

Black Park Country Park, UK
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 21 miles.

Best way to get there: An hour’s drive or around two hours on public transport.

On the topic of movie magic, Black Park Country Park in Buckinghamshire has been a top filming location for many Hollywood blockbusters. It sits next to the world-famous Pinewood Studios and has seen James Bond, Captain America, and the Millennium Falcon all grace its 618 acres. With a beautiful lake, countless walking trails, and an outdoor adventure playground, Black Park County Park is not to be missed if you’re a movie buff or nature lover!


Oxford in Fall
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How far: 60 miles.

Best way to get there: 50 minutes by train from Paddington Station.

Oxford is home to one of the UK’s most beautiful cities. Busy enough but not as overcrowded as London, the city is a must-visit for any history lovers or architectural aficionados. Even if you get caught in the British rain, Oxford has plenty to offer, from cozy cafes to the Ashmolean Museum; it will feel like you’ve been whisked away to a classic British rom-com in this charming city.


Cambridge England
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 61 miles.

Best way to get there: Just over an hour on the train from St Pancras International.

A rival to Oxford, Cambridge blends deep-rooted history with plenty of natural beauty. A visit to King’s College Chapel or St. John’s College seamlessly leads to delightful punting adventures, followed by delicious dinners and dessert in local spots, all under the enchanting glow of Cambridge’s illuminated streets.


Bath, UK
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 115 miles.

Best way to get there: One and a half hour train from Paddington Station.

Looking to unwind and relax on your vacation? Look no further than the UK’s ‘spa city,’ Bath! First take a tour of the famous Roman baths before taking a dip into the Thermal Bath Spa, a beautiful rooftop pool that overlooks the city. We recommend going all out and spending a few days in Bath, taking strolls along the Royal Crescent, sipping tea from the many cozy cafes, and visiting the many museums and galleries.


Brighton, UK
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 75 miles.

Best way to get there: One hour train from Victoria Station.

A quintessential British seaside city with an artsy, modern twist, Brighton has something for every traveler. From the colorful Brighton Lanes, where you’ll find plenty of quirky shops, to the iconic pebble beach and pier, Brighton should be on everyone’s UK travel bucket list. For those who like the nightlife, Brighton won’t disappoint with bars, pubs, and clubs on every corner.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens, UK
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 8 miles.

Best way to get there: 45-minute train journey from Victoria Station.

The closest destination on our list to London, the Royal Botanic Gardens, otherwise known as Kew Gardens, has the world’s most important collection of living plants, with over 50,000 specimens. The gardens were opened in 1759 and are now on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It’s best to spend around three hours wandering the gardens and taking in all of its floral delights!


Canterbury Cathedral
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 60 miles.

Best way to get there: One-hour train from St Pancras International.

Canterbury is best known for its striking cathedral, having been the center of English Christianity since 597. The city of Canterbury looks straight out of a postcard and can feel like stepping back in time to a bygone era. Explore the narrow, cobbled streets, punt down the River Stour, and join one of the many history tours to get a true feel of this extraordinary city.

Legoland Windsor Resort

Legoland Windsor Resort
Image Credit: Canva.

How far: 26 miles.

Best way to get there: An hour and a half bus from Victoria Coach Station.

Back to Windsor for our final destination, but this one is less about history and more about gleeful fun! Whether you have children or you’re a big kid yourself, Legoland Windsor Resort is home to 55 rides and attractions where you can fly through treetops to escape a dragon, take on the thrilling rapids, and even get your Lego driving license (just for kids, sorry!). Best enjoyed in the spring or summer, Legoland Windsor Resort is well worth the journey!

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