What the Disaster at Burning Man Should Teach Concert Goers

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Suppose you follow the news about festivals around the world. In that case, you might have heard that the recent Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, has been inundated with rain, causing the dusty flats of the old, dried-up lake that the city sits on to become impenetrable mud.

Here are some lessons everyone can learn about the disaster at Burning Man to keep yourself safe at a concert or festival in the future.

Pack Extra Food and Water

Eating at a Music Festival
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Due to the rains in Nevada, as many as 70,000 people were trapped in Black Rock City at the Burning Man Festival. 

Because many people were unable to leave, many reports came out of people having to ration food and water because they had no idea when the flats would dry up and they would be able to leave. 

Whenever you’re visiting an out-of-town festival that requires spending the night or camping, be sure to bring more than enough water and extra food rations in case of emergency. 

Bring a First Aid Kit

Learning First Aid
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Anyone who has camped at a festival will tell you that the campgrounds often feel like a chaotic, free-for-all situation.

Due to the fact that paramedics or first responders might not be able to access you or your friends in case of a medical emergency, having a first aid kit or taking a CPR and general first aid course might just save someone in case of emergency.

Know Your Exit Plan

Friends at a Music Festival
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Getting to festival grounds out of town and setting up camp is a super exciting situation. Understandably, someone would want to set up their tent and begin the festivities.

However, it’s essential to take a few minutes to look around, get situated with your environment, and agree on an escape plan in case of an emergency.

For a regular concert, this might look like making a note of all the exits in an area. At a campsite at a festival, you will want to know all the directions to drive out and how long it might take you.

Also, you can opt to drive in winter tires or bring tire chains in case of this particular muddy situation.

Bring a Solar Power Source

Phones at a Music Festival
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If you find yourself in a situation without electricity and need to make an emergency call out, having a solar power bank for your phone could be helpful in an emergency or when you become trapped.

Consider keeping one in your car for general emergencies; having a cell phone signal in today’s society is a lifesaver.

Expect the Unexpected 

Burning Man
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Like the visitors of Burning Man, everyone assumed that the dry, dusty festival grounds in Nevada were probably the last place to become flooded.

It’s an important reminder that anything can happen when you’re out exploring the world. It’s often impossible to prepare for anything, but knowing these quick and easy tips to keep yourself safe at outdoor events and concerts can be incredibly helpful.

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