Discover 15 Radiant Lakes in Rhode Island: Nature’s Blissful Retreats

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Rhode Island might be celebrated for its stunning coastline, but i’s also home to some of the most beautiful bodies of water found on the east coast. So, sit back and relax as we take you across 15 radiant lakes across that will have you forgetting about the beach in no time!

Bowdish Lake

Sunset on a lake
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Situated in the quiet northwest corner of Rhode Island, Bowdish Lake offers a rich ecosystem and extensive camping grounds. Explore the George Washington or the Bowdish Lake Campgrounds, both nestled on the lakeshore. Spend your day hiking the trail hugging the east side of the 226-acre lake or relax and enjoy striking sunsets over this beautiful lake.

Quicksand Pond

Quicksand Pond, Rhode Island
Image Credit: Wikimedia Common.

Despite its name, there’s nothing to fear here at Quicksand Pond – who else had a deep-rooted worry of quicksand as a kid?! Tucked away in Rhode Island’s southeast corner, the area is a protected enclave known for its untouched beauty. This 150-hectare lake, surrounded by critical habitats, boasts a 4.3-mile shoreline, half of it undeveloped. The southern end is home to Goosewing Beach, renowned for its stunning dunes formed some 12,000 years ago, adding another layer of natural wonder to your visit.

Scituate Reservoir

Scituate Reservoir
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Peaceful and untouched, the Scituate Reservoir, Rhode Island’s largest inland water body, is an enchanting spot for relaxing and recharging. With its expansive surface area and pristine surroundings unaffected by construction, it’s a great place to unwind, read a book, meditate, or simply marvel at the calming beauty.

Ninigret Pond

Ninigret Pond, Rhode Island - Lakes in Rhode Island
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Experience the captivating beauty of Ninigret Pond, the largest saltwater lagoon in southern Rhode Island. Spend a day at the quaint, underdeveloped East Beach, where you can camp or simply soak up the sun. As part of the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge, the area offers a vibrant bird-watching scene, with Canada geese, black ducks, and diving ducks among the 250 species calling this place home.

Olney Pond

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Just a few miles from downtown Providence, you’ll find the beautiful Olney Pond. Nestled within Lincoln Woods State Park, the pond is a haven for family outings with its numerous picnic tables, lifeguard-supervised sandy beach, and fantastic hiking trails. If you fancy a day out on the water, head out with your canoe or kayak, or try your luck fishing for trout, bass, and pickerel.

Boone Lake

Boat on a lake
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Boone Lake, a private 47-acre gem in Rhode Island, is a secret escape reserved for locals and vacation rental guests. Its exclusivity ensures a quiet and uncrowded experience, perfect for outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, and boating. Securing a weekend rental along its shores grants you full access to Boone Lake, promising a memorable retreat for the whole family.

Echo Lake

Float tubing
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Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, Echo Lake, also known as Pascoag Reservoir, is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure in Rhode Island. This freshwater lake promises a variety of water sports from swimming, boating, and fishing to water skiing, jet skiing, and tubing in the summer months. Lakeside properties and the Echo Lake Campground, with over 200 sites along with picnic areas and a large recreation field, ensure ample options for overnight stays and unrestricted access to the lake’s inviting waters!

Miscoe Lake

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Miscoe Lake, a reservoir nestled in Rhode Island’s Cumberland and extending into Wrentham, Massachusetts, boasts an intriguing combination of history and wildlife. The historical Grant’s Mill, sitting on the 1937-built Miscoe Lake Dam, adds a dash of history while the lake teems with diverse wildlife including herons, turtles, beavers, and a variety of fish like largemouth bass and bluegill.

Spring Lake

Kayak at sunset
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Spring Lake in Rhode Island offers more than just picturesque views; it’s known for its freshwater beach, a rarity in the state, and a much-loved recreational spot. The adjacent Spring Lake Beach Recreational Facility adds to the appeal, with its swimming dock, playground, and concession stand coupled with an arcade that houses some of the country’s oldest games. With rentals for kayaks and paddle boats, as well as beach essentials available on-site, Spring Lake is always a great day out!

Wallum Lake

Wallum Lake, Rhode Island
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Spanning 322 acres across Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Wallum Lake offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and recreation. Its easy-access boat ramps in Burrillville and Douglas, coupled with a diverse fish population, make it an ideal destination for fishing trips. Whether you’re hoping to catch rainbow or brown trout, or perhaps one of the many other species present, Wallum Lake, nestled next to Douglas State Forest and Wallum Lake Park, is a must-visit destination.

Worden Pond

Worden Pond, Rhode Island
Image Credit: Canva.

As Rhode Island’s largest natural freshwater lake, Worden Pond in South Kingstown holds a unique charm. Dating back to the late 1600s, the lake, despite its name, is a hub for year-round fishing, popular for largemouth bass, northern pike, and perch. Whether you prefer swimming, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, or exploring the Great Swamp Wildlife Management Area at the lake’s northern end, Worden Pond offers a diverse outdoor experience for everyone.

Diamond Hill Reservoir

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Boasting breathtaking views, the Diamond Hill Reservoir, or Pawtucket Upper Reservoir, in Cumberland, Rhode Island, is a stunning sight. The 1971-built earthen dam lends to the beauty of the 158-hectare lake, best savored at sunrise or sunset from Reservoir Road or Diamond Hill Park. Not just a scenic retreat, the area is also a favored jogging, walking, and cycling spot for local residents.

Point Judith Pond

Point Judith, Rhode Island
Image Credit: Canva.

Lying along Rhode Island’s south coast, Point Judith Pond is the state’s largest and most frequented salt pond. Home to Galilee, Rhode Island’s largest commercial port, this 3.7-mile-long water body also features a host of ocean beaches that draw visitors every summer. With numerous marinas and year-round ferry service to Block Island, Point Judith Pond is an ideal gateway for sailing adventures in the Atlantic Ocean.

Watchaug Pond

Watchaug Pond, Rhode Island
Image Credit: Wikimedia Common.

Captivating and rich in biodiversity, Watchaug Pond, located in Charlestown, Rhode Island, is a haven for explorers. This 573-acre kettle pond, encapsulated by the John Vincent Gormley 8-mile loop trail and the nearby Kimball Wildlife Refuge, offers an array of opportunities for hiking, boating, and wildlife spotting.

Trustom Pond

Trustom Pond, Rhode Island
Image Credit: Canva.

Trustom Pond, a closed lagoon in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, stands as a pristine oasis for wildlife. As the only undeveloped salt pond in the state, it hosts a national wildlife reserve teeming with over 300 species of birds, along with a variety of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. Over 3 miles of trails with educational interpretation panels make it a great place to hike and birdwatch whilst learning a bit about the local area!

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