Misconceptions About Millennial Travelers

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Many people in the older generations have common gripes that they share about young people. While many of these complaints can be valid and well-founded, many are just misconceptions contributing to unfair biases.

Follow along to see the biggest misconceptions that older generations have about young people traveling today.

They Only Want to Go to Party Destinations

Friends Partying
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While it’s certainly true that millennials and Generation Z have a propensity for partying, it’s not their main goal for a vacation.

In reality, most young people choose vacation destinations based on how much relaxation they will get. Another top priority for millennial travelers is taking part in cultural experiences.

You’re more likely to find millennials bar hopping in Europe, trying to find the best microbrew or bratwurst, than raving in Ibiza.

They’re Cheap When They Travel

Young People Travelling
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The old saying that millennials are killing specific industries can sometimes be true. Millennials are buying fewer natural diamonds than previous generations, which caused the gem industry to take a hit.

However, while millennials might feel the crunch when it comes to materialistic purchases, they’re known to splurge on travel and experiences. Young people know that life is short and time is precious, so they’re always happy to join in on a fun trip with friends, even if it means they must cut back on buying frivolous items at home.

They’re Addicted to the Internet

Person Using Their Cell Phone
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Although technology has essentially invaded every aspect of modern life, many millennials aren’t happy about this intrusion.

It used to be common for older generations to smirk at young people relying on their phones and computers to complete everyday tasks. However, having those skills can make planning a fun vacation easier.

It’s just as common now to see older generations staring at their phones for hours. The difference is that millennials can use technology faster to their advantage, such as quickly looking up a train schedule abroad or translating a menu in a foreign language.

They Prefer Airbnb to Hotels

Woman at a Resort
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While it might have been true for a while that Airbnb allowed young people to book full houses in interesting and exotic places, it was fuelled by a deal or the ability to have many people stay in one place.

Recently, all generations have been turning away from Airbnb due to dramatic price increases and rules like no partying and lights off by 10 p.m. This means that staying in private villas and hotels can actually be cheaper now.

They’re Irresponsible While Travelling

People Travelling
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Complaining about how irresponsible millennials are because they don’t follow a more traditional path is a cliché.

Millennials are among the most well-educated generations ever, which means they’re also adept at pre-planning and budgeting. The things that millennials are willing to splurge on just might seem different to older generations, but it does not mean that they’re frivolous with their money.

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