Savory Strolls & Spirited Stories: A Food Lover’s Tour of Nashville

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Nashville’s southern charm isn’t just strummed through its guitars or crooned in its country ballads; it’s served with a generous side of culinary delight, turning every corner of this city into a gastronomic adventure.

Nashville’s food scene is like a well-composed melody—it sticks with you. And for those about to embark on a taste tour extraordinaire, I’m here to share the symphony of flavors that this city offers.

Downtown Nashville Walking Food Tour

Mexican chicken tinga tacos with chipotle sauce on wooden background
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Starting around $165, the Downtown Nashville Walking Food Tour is a three-hour edible escapade through the heart of Music City. Recommended by an impressive 98% of travelers, this is your backstage pass to an insider’s food scene—perfect for discerning foodies wanting to sidestep the tourist traps. Wander and nibble through a carefully curated selection of eateries, each bite a story, each flavor a memory waiting to be savored.

General Jackson Showboat Lunch or Dinner Cruise

Jackson Showboat
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Imagine combining panoramic views of the Cumberland with live entertainment and a Southern-style meal. Prices for this delightful experience on the General Jackson Showboat Lunch or Dinner Cruise start around $110. As you float along, let Nashville’s skyline set the stage while you indulge in an array of dishes that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the palate.

Nashville Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

burger and french fries
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East Nashville is a culinary canvas awaiting your palate. The Nashville Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours offers two to three hours of classic Southern flavors for around $95. With 97% of travelers recommending it, join in to pull apart succulent pulled pork, brave the heat of hot chicken, and unearth neighborhood gems where local food legends are born.

Nashville’s #1 All-Inclusive Pub Crawl

men clinking glasses of beer in a pub
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For a price starting around $85, join Nashville’s #1 All-Inclusive Pub Crawl and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant food and drink scene. This two-hour guided tour is your shortcut to Nashville’s finest moonshine, cocktails, and craft beer, where hours spent sifting through reviews are transformed into moments of spirited discovery.

2-Hour Nashville Brewery & Distillery Tour by Golf Cart

Draught beer in glasses
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Embark on a journey of hops and spirits with the 2-Hour Nashville Brewery & Distillery Tour by Golf Cart, where, for a starting price of around $58, you’re whisked away on a unique voyage. 92% of travelers cheer for this tour, which offers an up-close look at Nashville’s beer and distillery culture without the walk-a-thon.

Nashville Delicious Donut Adventure by Underground Donut Tour

donuts with colorful glaze
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Join the ranks of 99% of travelers recommending the Nashville Delicious Donut Adventure by Underground Donut Tour for a price starting around $65. This two-hour excursion introduces you to a world where gourmet donuts are king, with Parlor Doughnuts leading the charge in the Sobro neighborhood—a sweet nod to Nashville’s innovative spirit.

Nashville’s Premier Distillery & Craft Brewery Bus Tour with Tastings

Brewery tasting
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Experience what 97% of travelers are enthusing about when you hop on Nashville’s Premier Distillery & Craft Brewery Bus Tour with Tastings. Starting at around $115, this three-hour expedition takes you to the heart of Nashville’s most talked-about local distilleries and craft breweries for an exclusive tasting experience that’s as authentic as it is intoxicating.

Nashville Craft Cocktail and Fine Dining Tour

Barrista Mixing Cocktail
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With 100% of travelers recommending it, the Nashville Craft Cocktail and Fine Dining Tour is a high note in any food connoisseur’s journey through Nashville. Starting around $189, this three-hour tour is a passport to opulence, the epitome of Nashville’s luxurious craft cocktail and fine dining scene.

Nashville Hop On Hop Off Brewery Trolley Tour

Closeup of craft beer flight on rustic paddle
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Board the Nashville Hop On Hop Off Brewery Trolley Tour, a six-hour escapade starting at around $39, renowned and recommended by 99% of travelers. Traverse the city in vintage style, exploring Nashville’s beer landscape on a convenient loop that drops you right at the doorstep of sudsy satisfaction.

Nashville’s Goo Goo Chocolate Tasting & Candy Making Class

Making Chocolate Candy
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Sweeten your Nashville stay with a Goo Goo Chocolate Tasting & Candy Making Class, where for just around $55, you can indulge in America’s first combination candy bar. In the hands of a local confectionery guru, learn the significance of this treat—and perhaps, craft your own sweet souvenir.

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