The Best Food and Drink Tours in Portland: A Savvy Traveler’s Guide

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In Portland, it’s like the food and drinks are having their own little party, and believe me, they’ve got some wild stories to tell. Think of it as a flavor fiesta, where every dish or drink is a shout-out to the city’s funky vibes.

Whether you’re knocking back a cold one in an old haunt or swirling a glass in the lush wine country, you’re not just on a tour- you’re on a flavor adventure with some local legends sprinkled in. Ready to join the fun? The Pacific Northwest is serving up memories by the mouthful, and guess what? You’re invited.

Haunted Underground Shanghai Tunnel Tour with Brewery Tastings

Woman holding mug of beer filled from the tap with foam floating out of the glass
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Step into the shadowy past of Portland with the Haunted Underground Shanghai Tunnel Tour, where history and hops go hand in hand. This thrilling escapade costs around $40 per adult, promising a unique experience beneath the city’s bustling streets. The tour not only uncovers a chapter of Portland’s hidden history but also includes tastings at a local brewery—blending eerie tales with craft ales. Take a peek at the underground path and read more reviews here.

Willamette Valley Wine Tour with Lunch

An assortment of fresh grapes and a glass of wine on the table and in the basket. Selective focus
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The lush sweeps of the Willamette Valley are calling, and the Willamette Valley Wine Tour with Lunch is a must for those eager to answer. With prices beginning around $225, this tour transports you safely across three to five esteemed Oregon wineries. It’s a day of sipping on exquisite Pinot Noirs and soaking in the valley vistas. As you break bread and clink glasses, remember to explore additional traveler insights here.

All-Inclusive Downtown Portland Food Tour

Delicious homemade hotdog on the table with french fries
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Discover downtown Portland’s culinary heart with the All-Inclusive Downtown Portland Food Tour. Starting at roughly $119 per adult, this tour is a delightful stroll through an urban food paradise. Your senses will be treated to a medley of flavors, each bite a testament to the city’s gastronomic diversity. To learn more about the food artisans you’ll meet and the dishes you’ll sample, see more photos here.

Portland Food Carts, Pods & Patios Tour

Homemade Turkey Club Sandwich with Bacon Ham and Tomato
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With prices kicking off around $95, the Portland Food Carts, Pods & Patios Tour is an authentic dive into the food cart culture that Portland is famed for. Grazing through over 1000 food carts, this experience is a celebration of culinary creativity on wheels. Each stop is a chance to savor the city’s innovative street food scene—read more reviews here.

Portland Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

Mini vanilla eclairs with chocolate frosting
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Join the Portland Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours and uncover the city’s hidden gems, beginning with prices around $105 per adult. You’ll sample a parade of Portland specialties, including a specially crafted sausage on a crisp sourdough—a true foodie’s delight. To discover the secret menu waiting for you, see more photos here.

Full-Day Mt Hood Waterfall Tour with Lunch and Wine Tasting

3 glasses of white, ros and red wine and an old wooden barrel, with winery still life
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For an experience that combines natural splendor with local sips, consider the Full-Day Mt Hood Waterfall Tour with Lunch and Wine Tasting. With starting prices around $162, it’s an excursion that takes you to Oregon’s majestic heights and concludes with a well-deserved wine tasting. If the thrill of exploring Mount Hood’s peaks and falls entices you, delve into more traveler experiences here.

Foundations of Sushi Making with Classpop! in Portland

Closeup viev of chef hands preparing japanese food. Chef making sushi rolls at restaurant with many ingredients on the black stone plates.
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Satisfy your sushi cravings by learning from Chef Jimmy during the Foundations of Sushi Making with Classpop! in Portland. The workshop, with prices starting roughly at $55, is more than a culinary class—it’s a gateway to the art of sushi making. To roll into the reviews and catch a glimpse of your future sushi masterpieces, read more reviews here.

Haunted Pub Tour

Friends toasting with glasses of light beer at pub.
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The Haunted Pub Tour weaves Portland’s craft brewery scene with ghostly tales, prices beginning around $45. Fans of frothy brews and spooky stories will find this tour deliciously enthralling. For an intriguing night out where spirits meet spirits, see more photos here.

Portland Delicious Donut Adventure by Underground Donut Tour

Typical Italian confectionery cuisine
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Embrace your sweet tooth on the Portland Delicious Donut Adventure and join other doughnut devotees. With prices starting at about $65, embark on a sugary expedition to sample some of Portland’s finest rings of fried dough. If you’re curious to see what’s in store for you, explore additional traveler insights here.

16 Day Trips From Portland: Unveiling Oregon’s Hidden Charms

Day Trips From Portland
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Explore the coast to see historic lighthouses and charming coastal towns. There are the beautiful islands of Casco Bay and Penobscot Bay which you can explore. Here are a few spectacular ways to explore the city of Portland. Read on for the best day trips from Portland, Maine.

Jewels of the Northeast: Exploring Portland’s 7 Best Lakes

Thomas Pond
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While the city is usually well-known for its Victorian-era homes and history, the area also has plenty of stunning outdoor spaces. Read on to discover the best lakes in Portland for your next road trip through New England.

16 Day Trips From Portland, Oregon Full Of Mountains & Breweries

portland oregon day trips
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While the city’s amazing, do you know about all the fun adventures that await if you step outside its borders? From wineries to natural wonders and more, Portland is the perfect home base for a wide range of day trips. We’ve rounded up our favorite day trips from Portland. They’re perfect for quick trips with friends or a manageable mini-vacay with the family.

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