This Influencer Shows How to Keep Cats Safe While Camping

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More people have transitioned into traveling full-time in RVs or converted vans, bringing their beloved pets along for the journey.

For a dog, camping is a perfect adventure. Seeing and smelling what a new area offers is an ideal activity for a dog, not to mention the extra hikes, swimming, and outdoor activities that accompany camping full-time. But a few influencers also want the same level of adventure with their cats.

If you’ve been considering taking your cats along with the family for camping or a cross-country road trip, consider following the safety tips that Quin Gable (@quingable) shows daily on her Instagram and TikTok pages.  


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Quin walks her audience through the easy parts of full-time travel with her cats and the not-so-fun details.

One of her main concerns is keeping her beloved pets safe while on the road. She outlined the different methods she uses to allow her cats outdoor time. Multiple tracking collars, mesh cages, and even harnesses and leashes are all used so her cats can play in the dirt outside without getting spooked and lost at the campsite.

Quin Gable and her Cats
Image Credit: Quin Gable @quingable

The full-time van lifer also shares her methods for taking her cats on hikes, such as using a cat backpack and a flexi-leash. But she also warns that training cats to accept these items might be more complex than a dog accustomed to leashes and crates their whole life.

It’s not all hiking and playing outside, though. The cats need ample time to rest inside the van like any house cat. She has outfitted her van to accommodate up to three cats at a time with beds, litter boxes, and scratching posts. 

Living with furry companions can be one of the best mood boosters for those living or traveling alone. So next time you hit the road or set up camp, consider taking the extra steps to ensure your beloved pets can join you!

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