Flexible Travel Hacks: Tips to Trip-Stack Your Next Vacation

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Trip-stacking is a new trend taking over the travel industry. With the increased travel-related problems, many people believe they’ve found a sustainable solution.

Many issues have been plaguing the travel world in recent years. The issues with the COVID-19 pandemic, strikes in airports, worldwide delays, and natural disasters have all contributed to people losing a substantial amount of money on vacations.

What Is Trip Stacking?

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Trip stacking is a new trend where travelers will book multiple trips at the same time, assuming that at least one of the trips will fall through or become canceled. 

The idea behind the trend is that so many issues are happening globally at any given time that you need to have more than one backup plan for your holidays. 

Where Should You Book Your Trips?

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Proponents of trip stacking say to book at least two trips consecutively, a plan A trip and a plan B trip. The plan A trip should be the one that you would rather go on that has more risks associated, while the plan B trip should be something closer to home that would make a good consolation trip.

For example, if you’re booking a two-week long trip to Italy, be prepared that something could go wrong along the way and book something closer to home, such as a cruise from Miami or a flight to Mexico on the same coast. 

You can even have a backup for your backup plan and book something to do within driving distance. 

Be Prepared for the Worst

Canceled Flights
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No one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic or the wildfires in Australia, and many travel experts say that these “once-in-a-lifetime” problems will become more regular.

For example, just this week, fires have broken out across Maui, causing roads to collapse and widespread evacuations across the island.

Because of the fires, many people have been told to stay away from the island in a state of emergency.

If anyone happens to be trip stacking in this example, they’ll be able to hop on their plan B trip, which might be slightly disappointing but better than staying home.

Only Book Refundable Trips

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One of the essential components of trip stacking is booking trips that can issue full refunds. Oftentimes, when plans get canceled, it’s only part of the trip that can’t be accessed, but this still means other flights and bookings will need to be canceled.

Only booking trips that can offer full refunds is an excellent way to plan any type of trip. Whether you get sick or a natural disaster gets in the way of your excursion, getting as much money back as possible is important.

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