11 Must Visit Lakes in Utah: Uncover Breathtaking Scenery

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Unleash your inner adventurer and embark on a journey to explore the incredible natural beauty of Utah.

Home to diverse landscapes, Utah is renowned for its breathtaking lakes, each offering unique charms and experiences.

So, get ready to travel across the Beehive State and discover its best water-bound gems for your next adventure!

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake, Utah - Lakes in Utah
Image Credit: Canva.

Embark on an adventure to Utah’s Great Salt Lake, a remarkable leftover from the ancient Lake Bonneville. Sailing its vast, salty waters offers a unique view where the horizon disappears into the sky. Try kayaking along its extensive 10,000-mile shoreline for a closer look at the lake’s diverse landscape. Make your way to Antelope Island, where there are great trails for hiking and biking and relaxing sandy beaches!

Bear Lake

Bear Lake, Utah
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Journey to the border of Idaho and Utah and discover the historic Bear Lake, a natural freshwater lake set amidst the northeast side of Wasatch Mountain. This natural freshwater lake, known as the “Caribbean of the Rockies” for its vibrant turquoise-blue waters, offers an array of fun activities. Dive into history while scuba diving at Cisco Beach, enjoy fishing for native species, or explore the Bear Lake Legacy Pathway for breathtaking views of the lake.

Utah Lake

Utah Lake
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Discover Utah Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, steeped in centuries of history and teeming with things to do. This remnant of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville offers recreational fishing and a variety of water sports, with several marinas providing easy access. From the indigenous tribes of the Fremont Culture to the first Mormon settlers, the lake has been central to human life and activity for millennia.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, Utah
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Introducing Lake Powell, a stunning gem nestled within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, extending from northern Arizona to southern Utah. With nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline bathed in perpetual sunshine, Lake Powell is the perfect playground for boating, camping, and guided tours. Whether you’re exploring from the comfort of a rented houseboat or immersing in the surrounding grandeur from the lake’s campground or lodgings, Lake Powell offers some of the West’s most breathtaking sceneries. 

Sand Hollow Reservoir

Sand Hollow Reservoir, Utah
Image Credit: Canva.

Venture into Sand Hollow State Park, a natural spectacle marked by its prominent red sand beaches, striking rock formations, and an expansive 1,322-acre reservoir. Its warm waters between May and September make the reservoir a popular spot for both swimming and water sports, while its plentiful fish allure seasoned and novice anglers alike. Grab an ATV or OHV to conquer the challenging trails or the vast sand dunes. Less of an adrenaline-junky? No problem; indulge in more relaxed pursuits like picnicking, golfing, or camping.

Blue Lake

Scuba diving
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Calling all diving and fishing enthusiasts! Famed for its year-round warm and clear waters, Blue Lake serves as a cherished hotspot for divers, including those from the University of Utah Scuba Program. You can explore the underwater marvels—from the bubbling thermal spring to the intriguing metal sculptures—or engage in fishing for bass, tilapia, and bluegill. Whether you’re a diving enthusiast or an angler, Blue Lake is a haven of underwater adventure and fishing opportunities.

Panguitch Lake

Panguitch Lake, Utah
Image Credit: Canva.

Another paradise for fishers, Panguitch Lake is known for its large trout population and offers excellent fishing opportunities year-round, from summertime boating to winter ice fishing. Beyond fishing, the lake’s lush, wildlife-rich surroundings beckon adventurers with ATV rides, horseback trips, and trails for hiking and mountain biking. Whether you’re casting a line, exploring on two wheels, or simply soaking in the picturesque lakeside tranquility, Panguitch Lake is a must-visit!

Jordanelle Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir, Utah
Image Credit: Canva.

Uncover the charm of Jordanelle Reservoir, nestled in Wasatch County just north of Heber City, Utah. Fed primarily by the Provo River, this reservoir offers more than just scenic beauty, turning into a hotspot for triathletes, runners, and adventure enthusiasts during the summer months. Whether you challenge yourself in a rigorous sprint triathlon, participate in an ultra-marathon, or simply explore the rugged terrain of Jordanelle State Park, this destination is an intriguing blend of natural allure and athletic pursuits.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake, Utah
Image Credit: Canva.

Discover the charms of Mirror Lake, tucked away in Utah’s high Uinta Mountains. Its tranquility and clear waters, reflecting the surrounding landscape, live up to its name, while its abundant trout attracts enthusiastic anglers. The lake is also outfitted with a Forest Service-run campground, picnic facilities, and a boat ramp for non-motorized watercraft, creating the perfect setting for a summer getaway.

Willow Lake

Alpine trek
Image Credit: Canva.

Tucked away within the captivating landscape of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, lays the beautiful Willow Lake. This idyllic destination invites travelers on a moderately challenging trek through an aspen forest leading to the tranquil lake. Particularly breathtaking in the fall, Willow Lake offers a fantastic backdrop for family outings or short backpacking trips. Whether it’s the thrill of the hike or the serenity of the lakeside setting, Willow Lake promises a beautiful trek in nature.

Deer Creek Reservoir

Deer Creek Reservoir, Utah
Image Credit: Canva.

Experience the fun of Deer Creek State Park and Reservoir, located within easy reach of Provo, Park City, and Salt Lake City. This reservoir is perfect for water lovers with boating, fishing, and watersports opportunities along its 18-mile shoreline. Whether it’s catching smallmouth bass, bouncing on the Island Aqua Park’s floating trampolines, or gliding across the water kiteboarding, Deer Creek State Park offers endless fun under the summer sun.

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