More Than Rome: 6 Famous Colosseums From Around the World

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Anyone who’s visited Rome will tell you that seeing the Colosseum was at the top of their list, probably next to the Trevi Fountain and the Leaning Tower of Piza.

But did you know that several colosseums around the world count as critical archeological sites? Many ancient cultures used these stone amphitheaters as places for important public announcements, royal proclamations, and warriors fighting to the death.

Follow our list to discover these other fantastic sightseeing spots and become immersed in ancient cultures.

The Amphitheatre of El Jem, Tunisia

Amphitheatre of El Jem Tunisia
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

Ancient Romans visited North Africa several times to colonize many of the countries. Much of their architecture looks strikingly similar because of the early Roman influence in North African countries.

As well, due to the advanced Roman recipe for concrete and stone blocks, the colosseums in North Africa are still standing today more than 2,000 years later.

Pula Arena, Croatia

Pula Arena Croatia
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

Sitting on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean is the stunning country of Croatia.

This massive stadium sits right on the seaside in a large city. It’s one of the best-preserved monuments in the country and dates back to the first century.

The amphitheater was used as a fighting arena for gladiators and enemies of the state. However, today, it hosts several operas, concerts, and plays.

Roman Arena, Arles, France

Roman Arena Arles France
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

The Romans constructed this 20,000 seat arena during their long reign as a superpower. The city has so much Roman architecture that it looks just like Italy when visiting.

Built in 1 BC, this colosseum has withstood thousands of years of use, including world wars and the fall of the Roman empire.

Today, the theatre is still used to host sporting events, and if you’re lucky, you can even catch a recreation of a gladiator fight.

Amphitheatre Pozzuoli, Italy

Amphitheatre Pozzuoli Italy
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

Built by the same Roman Emperor as the Colosseum in Rome, the amphitheater in Pozzuoli needs to be in better shape, with only the lower and underground regions of the arena still standing.

Although this colosseum is missing most of its original features, it’s also a testament to Roman architecture’s strength. The volcano Solfatarain erupted in 1198 and destroyed most of the arena, but it was left intact for archeologists today to study.

Amphitheatre of Nimes, France

Amphitheatre in Nimes France
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

The amphitheater in Nimes was built in direct opposition to the one in Arles. They even created a larger arena that seats 24,000 spectators.

This feat of Roman architecture is a stunning display. The city from an aerial view is fascinating; see how the town was constructed around the arena. It shows how important the colosseum’s gathering area was to this ancient civilization.

Verona Arena, Italy

The Verona Arena Italy
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

Grab a gelato and walk through the city center in Verona to observe this thousands of years old area.

During medieval times, this colosseum was used for knight jousting and was a frequent location for the kings and queens of Europe to witness fights. Immerse yourself in history by taking a guided tour of this stunning arena. 

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