The Spirit of America: American Heartland Theme Park Set to Open

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Fed up with going back to Disney or Universal each year to ride the same rides and visit the same attractions? Looking for a more ‘American’ experience at your theme parks? Well, you are in luck! Introducing the American Heartland theme park, the latest amusement park soon to grace the US.

American Heartland Theme Park
Image Credit: American Heartland Theme Park.

Where Will It Be Located?

Situated in northeast Oklahoma, the American Heartland theme park will sit west of Grand Lake on Route 66, considered the center of the US Heartland. According to the park’s CEO, Larry Wilhite, Oklahoma was picked due to its “business-friendly approach and innovative partnership efforts.” The state will see an estimated 4,000 jobs added thanks to the new park.

What Will the Park Offer?

The American Heartland theme park is designed to offer visitors a delightful experience with classic amusement park rides, live shows, family activities, and scenic waterways. In addition to the entertainment, the park will provide restaurant-quality food and beverages.

Spanning six distinct American lands, each representing the essence of the country’s rich narrative, guests will have the opportunity to explore and celebrate the best of the American story. The Great Plains, Bayou Bay, Big Timber Falls, Stony Point Harbor, Liberty Village, and Electropolis are among the exciting lands that visitors can navigate through. Within each of these areas, there will be thrilling rides and captivating shows to keep everyone entertained.

American Heartland Theme Park
Image Credit: American Heartland Theme Park.

Who’s Behind the Park?

The masterminds behind the design of the American Heartland are a team of more than 20 former Disney Parks builders and Walt Disney Imagineers. Their combined expertise boasts an impressive 500+ years of experience in the realm of Disney and Entertainment.

Working alongside this seasoned creative team are reputable design firms with extensive portfolios, including projects for renowned theme park brands such as Six Flags and Universal Studios, as well as previous work for Disney Parks. Together, they are collaboratively bringing to life the vision of the 125-acre theme park.

With a cost estimated at around $2 billion, expect big things from this team of theme park maestros and their healthy budget!

When Will It Open?

Although an exact date is yet known, the American Heartland theme park is due to open in 2026. Currently, an RV park is underway and will span 320 acres with 750 RV spaces and 300 cabins. If RVs or cabins aren’t your style, a 300-room hotel is also in development.

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