Avoid These Pitfalls When Traveling Through Europe

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Traveling through Europe can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing new cultures and eating different cuisines can be the best way to spend a vacation overseas.

However, some common pitfalls while traveling through Europe will surely leave you with a sour taste and a bad experience. Read on to discover these common mistakes to avoid to ensure you get the most out of your time abroad.

Not Learning the Tipping Culture

Cafe in Italy
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While tipping culture has been ingrained in our minds in North America, many European countries have a much different philosophy.

Each country differs, so it’s best to look up the customs. But in general, tipping isn’t required in Europe. In fact, many servers will see it as rude to leave extra change on the table after a meal.

Don’t Wear Athleisure

Woman Doing Yoga
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Forget the yoga pants and flip-flops at the hotel; Europeans have a very different idea of what is appropriate as streetwear.

While hoodies, sweats, and flip-flops are appropriate for running errands or eating out in the States, in places like France, Italy, and Spain, flip-flops are for the beach, and hoodies are strictly for the gym.

Be sure to pack some sensible street wear when stepping out in any European country to avoid standing out like a tacky tourist.

Don’t Insult the Food

Restaurant in France 3
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It might seem normal to request an alteration to a dish or a substitution to the side. However, in most European countries, requesting a change to the food or sending it back to be cooked for longer is a massive insult.

For example, chefs in France take their craft very seriously and will be offended if you try to alter their dishes in some way. It’s best to relax and enjoy the food as it was intended to be eaten.

Punctuality Is Much Different 

Walking Through France
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Many people who often travel in Europe will tell you not to expect anything to be on time. Your companions will be late, reservations will be late, and most people performing services will also be late showing up.

It can be annoying being held up from your plans, but just remember that different cultures view respect in different ways, so they’re not necessarily trying to be rude in this aspect.

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