Flight Attendants Want Up To $92/Hour Pay Rise

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As pilots across the “Big Three” airlines consider a new four-year deal that would see pay increases of around 42%, plus benefits, flight attendants now want to see a bump in their salary.

Those working with American Airlines are reportedly requesting up to $92 per hour and bonuses.

Flight attendants
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Due to COVID, contract negotiations were paused for flight attendants, but the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) has recommended a strike, due to take place from July 28th before closing on August 29th, and results to be announced the following day.

This wouldn’t mean an immediate strike, but it will get the ball rolling on the long process required for an actual strike to begin. It seems that the union and American Airlines aren’t close to an agreement.

The APFA is asking for a range of changes, including:

  • 35% pay increase
  • 6% pay increase for following years
  • Bonuses for international flights and working premium cabins
Flight Attendants
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The APFA has stated that they believe it is “time to send a clear and definitive message to American Airlines, the media, and the flying public that we are willing to take all steps necessary to secure the Contract we have earned.”

According to the National President of APFA, Julie Hedrick, American Airlines have yet to respond to the above economic proposal, despite it being sent in March this year.

With peak travel season soon to arrive, some passengers are beginning to worry their plans could be disrupted. Founder of Going, a travel-based website, Scott Keyes has played down these fears, “There’s plenty for travelers to worry about – from flight disruptions to expensive fares – but a work stoppage from airline unions ought to be near the bottom of that list.”

So rest easy knowing that strikes are unlikely to cause chaos for your summer vacations!

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