We Stepped into 9 Ghost Towns Near Vermont and Found Hidden Treasures

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Embark on a journey through time and uncover the fascinating ghost towns near Vermont. From the once bustling town of Lewiston to the silent trails of Glastenbury, these eerie remnants hold stories begging to be told. Join us as we delve into these hidden gems, each holding remnants of an era long past.


abandoned railroad - Ghost Towns to Explore near Vermont
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Once bustling with life, Lewiston stands as a quaint ghost town in the heart of Windsor County, Vermont. Its roots touch Dartmouth College, with tales of coal trains humming through the 1884 built railroad station. Today, silence has replaced the hustle, but the preserved railroad and remnants of mills paint an enchanting picture of a bygone era.


abandoned lumber town
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Step into the silent world of Glastenbury, a once-thriving lumber town in Bennington County, Vermont, that now whispers tales of a bygone era. Amidst remnants of old stores, a blacksmith’s forge, and a forsaken trolley route, enjoy a scenic hike up Glastenbury Mountain. With talk of ghost stories and tales of mysterious disappearances, every visit to Glastenbury promises a mysterious adventure.


Abandoned and broken chair
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Uncover the quiet charm of Somerset, a leafy ghost town in Vermont’s Windham County. Once a buzzing station for the surrounding lumber industry, its scattered buildings and river trail reveal chapters of its trading past. Somerset, renowned for its deep snowfall, offers a unique blend of history and nature’s stillness.

Ricker Basin

Experience the resilience of Ricker Basin, nestled between two brooks in Vermont. From its roots in 1783 and its founder Joseph Ricker to its transformation by devastating floods, the ghost town holds silent stories. The solitary Almeron Goodall Place stands as the last remaining home and offers a glimpse into what life was like at Ricker Basin.

Tyson Furnace

Abandoned cabin in woods
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Tyson Furnace, established in 1835 in the Black River Valley by Isaac Tyson is a testament to the vanished glory of an iron ore mining town. Follow the trails leading to the eerie town’s namesake furnace off Kingdom Road, where echoes of bustling mills, shops, and homes hint at its industrious past. Now a hushed woodland, Tyson Furnace offers a unique experience of history and nature.

Smith Family Farms

Abandoned house in the woods
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Explore the historic grounds of Smith Family Farms, home to the foundations of houses once owned by the Mack and Smith Families. The path through the woods leads to the birthplace of Joseph Smith, the first Mormon prophet. Today, this quiet trail through past lives invites an introspective journey for the curious traveler.

Greenbanks Hollow

Greenbanks Hollow, Vermont
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Once an industrial hub in Danville, Greenbanks Hollow is now a ghost town lost to history. The now tranquil trails once buzzed with a woolen mill, a gristmill, a sawmill, and other enterprises. Explore the site of the once five-story woolen factory and imagine the rhythm of the brook-powered mills responsible for the region’s prosperity.

Belvidere Mountain Asbestos Mine

Belvidere Mountain Asbestos Mine
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Step into the silent world of Belvidere Mountain Asbestos Mine, once a booming center of asbestos production in Vermont. The site, now marked by mounds of remains from its operating days, serves as a reminder of how important asbestos once was to our way of life. Although one of the most interesting ghost towns in America, it is not safe to visit Belvidere Mountain Asbestos Mine and there are ongoing governmental discussions on how best to clear up the now dangerous site.

Plymouth Five Corners

Abandoned car
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Travel back in time with a visit to Plymouth Five Corners, a ghost town in Vermont with a rich history rooted in the gold rush era. Trek the local trails, following the brook upstream to unearth the stone foundations of this once-bustling community. This serene hike offers a fascinating glimpse into a time long past.

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