Man Brings Huge Great Dane Aboard Flight

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A dog owner left fellow passengers shocked and delighted in equal measures when he boarded a cross-country flight with his Great Dane.

Shared on Tik Tok, owner Gabriel Bogner purchased three seats, including his own, so his best pal Darwin could fly with him on American Airlines.


Who says Great Danes aren’t airplane dogs. Shoutout to @American Airlines for making our move to Brooklyn a piece of cake though! (Yes I bought 3 seats for us on the plane) #greatdane #dog #gay #fyp #tiktok #newyork #brooklyn #doggo

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Traveling from Los Angeles to New York City, this was Darwin’s first flight, and she took it all in her (massive) stride. The video shows the huge canine lounging around in the airport terminal, peering into the cockpit, and making sure to say hello to the passengers seated in front of her.

“People were absolutely gobsmacked and shocked but everyone was so excited to see her,” said Gabriel of his Darwin’s viral airplane trip.

“I’ve never seen so many [people] smiling at an airport,” he added about his service dog. 

According to Gabriel, the flight went smoothly, and the airline crew was great with his five-year-old pup.

It seems the idea of sharing a plane with a Great Dane has taken off, “Instantly demanding a refund for my recent flight, which unreasonably lacked a Great Dane,” commented one person. “Why can’t I ever be on a flight when this happens?” said another.

Like all carriers, American Airlines would have had to accept Darwin aboard the aircraft as airlines must allow service and emotional support animals traveling with individuals with a disability to sit with them in the cabin of the airplane.

Although animals can be stored in the cargo for flights, the Humane Society of the United States recommends pets travel in the cabin where possible. Excessive hot or cold temperatures, rough handling, and a lack of good ventilation can make cargo travel dangerous for animals.

If you plan on traveling with your pet, make sure they have all their latest vaccinations and a health certificate to ensure a smooth ride in the sky!


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